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what is the location of ST 29?

*special characteristics?

4 cun below umbilicus, 2 cun lateral to Ren3

*name of pt is "Return Arrival" - used for returning irregular menses to regular state


where is Du 10?

Below spinous process of T6


where is KD 21?

6 cun above umbilicus, .5 cun lateral to Ren 14

(KD 11 - 21 = .5 cun lat to midline)


where is LV 9?

4 cun above the medial epicondyle of femur, between vastus medialis and m sartorius


location of ST 16?

3rd intercostal space, 4 cun anterior to midline


location of SI 18?

directly below the outer cantus, lower border of zygoma


location of LI 11?

with flexed elbow, depression at lateral end of transverse cubital crease, midway bt LU 5 and lateral epicondyle of humerus


location of SP 10?

with knee flexed, 2 cun above mediosuperior border of patella, on bulge of medial portion of m. quadriceps femoris


location of LI 13?

3 cun above LI 11

*avoid radial collateral artery


location of Du 6?

below spinous process of T 11


location of SI 16?

lateral aspect of neck, posterior to m SCM and LI 18, on level of laryngeal protuberance (Adam's apple)


location of SP 8?

3 cun below SP 9 on line connection SP and medial malleolus


location of KD 5?

1 cun directly below KD 3, depression anterior and superior to medial side of tuberosity of calcaneum


location of SI 6?

dorsal to head of ulna, when palm face the chest, in the boney cleft on radial side of styloid process of ulna


location of UB 57?

directly below the belly of gastocnemius muscle, on line joining UB 40 and tendo calcaneus, about 8 cun below UB 40


location of SI 19?

anterior to tragus and posterior to condyloid process of mandible, in depression formed when mouth is open


location of Du 26?

at the junction of upper third and middle third of philtrum


location of Du 27?

labial tubercle of upper lip, on the vermilion border bt philtrum and upper lip


location of Du 28?

at junction of gum and the frenulum of upper lip


location of UB 41?

3 cun lateral to midline, lower border of spinous process of T2, on spinal border of scapula


location of Ren 1?

bt anus and root of scrotum in males and bt anus and posterior labial commissure in females


location of GB 14?

on forehead, 1 cun directly above midpt of eyebrow


locatoin of yaoyan?

3.5 cun lateral to lower border of L4


location of WeiGuanXiaShu?

what is its fx?

1.5 cun lateral to lower border of T8

*for waste and thirst disorder, diabetes


location of Bafeng?

on dorsum of foot, bt toes, .5 cun proximal to margin of web


location of KD 25?

2nd intercostal space, 2 cun lateral to anterior midline


location of GB 41?

posterior to 4th metatarsophalangeal joint, in depression lateral (proximal) to tendon m extensor digiti minimi (or digitorum longus) of foot


location of GB 42?

posterior tp 4th metatarsophalangeal joint, between 4th and 5th metatarsal bones, on medial side (distal) of tendon extensor digiti minimi (digitorum longus)


location of GB 21?

on shoulder, directly above the nipple, at midpt of line connecting Du 14 and acromion, at highest pt on shouldr


location of KD 12?

4 cun below the umbilicus, on superior border of pubis symphasis, .5 cun lateral to Ren 3