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Give some features of staffing?

Staffing is a continues process. It helps the firm in achieving its goals.


What kind of requirement does staffing try to fulfill?

The Human Resource requirement.


What does staffing try to do?

Staffing tries to fill the jobs with right kind of people available at the right amount at the right time and prompting those people to show higher productivity and quality by giving them good compensation


What is the most important asset for a company and why?

Human resource. Because the ability of a firm to achieve its goals depends on the human resources of that company.


What are the importance of staffing?

It helps find competent staff. Increases Performance. Ensures survival of the firm by having a successor for the leader. Ensures optimum utilization of staff. Improves job satisfaction.


How does staffing ensure optimum utilization of human resource?

It helps avoid over-manning and prevents under utilization. And avoids under-manning and prevents disrupting operation.


How does staffing increase performance?

By putting the right person for the right job.


How does staffing ensure job satisfaction?

Through objective assessment and giving fair reward for their contribution.


What determines the success of a company in achieving its goals?

It's determined by the competence and motivation and performance of its human resource.


Wha does the staffing function deal with?

It deals with the human element of management.


Who is a human relations officer and why does a firm need a human relations department?

A human relations officer is the person who takes care of recruiting, training and improving the performance of an employee.
As the employees play a key role the HR department was created to manage people in the firm.


What all duties does an HR have?

Analyzing jobs in the firm to create a job description. Recruiting training and developing employees. Making an incentive for employees. Maintaining worker rations and providing social security to employees. Handling complaits. And defending the company in lawsuits.


Explain the evolution of human resource management?

The idea of a labour officer was first made way back when trading Unions were set up but they never played an important role. As the number of workers increased the role of a personnel manager was brought to take of the workers. As the scope of work increased the human resource manger was brought in place.


What has brought the need for a human resource manager?

As the importance of the workers and scope of work increased the need for a human resource manager came up.


Is staffing both a function of management and a functional area like marketing?



From where does a need for staffing arise?

It may arise in case of staring a new business or expanding the old one. Or replacing a staff who quit or was fired or promoted.


Where does the process of staffing begin?

It start from understanding manpower requirements and finding out the source from where it can me met (internally or externally).


What are the three main aspects of staffing?

Recruiting, Selecting and Training&Development.


What are the steps in the process of staffing?

Estimating manpower requirement. Recruitment . Selection. Placement and Orientation. Training and Development.
(The following are done by HRs only in small firms)
Performance Appraisal. Promotion and career planning. Compensation.
(In big firms the last three steps are not included)


What is estimating manpower requirements?

It's understanding the number of people needed to fill in the positions in the organizational structure and understanding the specific skill needed by them to do the tasks that is to done at that level in the organizational structure.


What are the two analysis that have to be done to find out manpower requirements?

Workload analysis and Workforce analysis.


What is workload analysis and workforce analysis?

Workload analysis gives you the number and type of people you NEED to finish a task.
Workforce analysis gives you the number and type of people you HAVE to finish a task.


How does workload and workforce analysis help in finding man power requirements?

The difference between workforce and workload will give you the manpower requirements.


What is the one thing to be done before recruitment but after estimation of worker requirements?

It's important to translate the manpower requirements into specific job descriptions with the desirable profile of the occupant.


What are the bases when looking for potential employees?

Job description and candidate profile.


What is recruitment?

It's the process of searching for potential employees and stimulating them to apply for the job.


Explain the step of recruitment?

Job description and candidate profile requirements are advertised. Thus searching for potential employees and stimulating them to apply.
The source of recruitment whether internal or external is also decided in this step.


What is Selection?

It's the process of selecting from among the pool of prospective job candidates that were formed in the step of recruitment.


What are two important things that election does?

It ensures that the firm only gets the best out of the pool of candidates.
It enhances the confidence of the selected candidate and conveys the seriousness of his job.


Explain the step of Selection?

This is the process after recruitment. This is where the candidates are tested for their ability in different fields and the best among them is selected. The tests involve interviews I.Q tests etc.


Why is Recruitment a positive activity and Selection a negative activity

In the process of recruitment there is pooling up of candidates thus it's a positive activity.

In Selection there is an elimination of candidates and that is a negative activity.


What is staffing ?

It is the managerial function of filling and keeping filled the positions in the organization structure.


Wha is placement and orientation?

Placement refers to the employee occupying the position to which he was appointed.

Orientation refers to introducing the employee to other employees and familiarizing him with the rules and policies of the firm.


What is the step of placement and orientation?

This step is where the employee socializes to the workplace. Goes through a brief introduction to the firm and is introduced to his superiors, subordinates and to his colleges. He is taken around the place and is given placement and orientation.


What is the step of training and development?

Employees always seek to better their career and the best way to provide such an opportunity is to facilitate employee learning. By this the organization seeks to enhance the skill of its employees, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness of its employees.


Why are performance appraisal, promotion and career plans, compensation not included in a big firm and included in a small firm?

In a big firm there will a separate HR department to take care of the staffing function.
But in a small firm the manager is required to take of all the management functions including the staffing function and in that case the last three steps are added.


What is the step of performance appraisal?

After the employee is done with training and has been at the job for some time his performance base to be evaluated.
Performance Appraisal means evaluating the employees current or past performance with the companies predetermined standards.


What is the step of Promotion and career plans?

This is the step where the managers address the career address issues of emloyees. Promotion is what employees are looking in the long term. It means they get more job satisfaction, responsibility and more pay.


How is promotion good form employees?

Promotion satisfies the employees long term interests and their need for more pay and responsibility.


What is the step of compensation?

This is the step where the wages and salary plans of the employees are established. Compensation refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees. There are a lot of ways in which the pay plans are made depending on the job.


Define compensation.

It refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees.


What are the types of compensation? Give some examples?

Direct Compensation like wages p, salaries, incentives etc. and Indirect Compensation like employer paid insurance.


What are the types of direct compensation?

There are two types. Performance based plans and time based plans.
Performance based means wages are payed according to piecework system. Time based means wages and salaries are payed for for daily weekly or monthly work.


What all are included in the process of staffing in terms of human relation?

Staffing includes acquisition, retention, development, performance appraisal, promotion and compensation of human capital.


What is the main objective of recruitment?

The main objective of recruitment is to attract potential employees with necessary qualifications.


How are prospective employees stimulated to apply for the job?

The firm advertises about the job vacancy using newspapers, televisions, campus inspirer views etc.


What are the steps in the process of recruitment?

Identifying of different sources of labour supply. Assessment of their validity. Choosing the most suitable sorce. And inviting the applications from candidates for the vacancy.


What are the different sources of recruitment?

Internal that is from within the organization.
And External that is from outside the organization.


What are the different sources of internal recruitment?

Transfer and Promotion.


What is transferring?

It's the shift of employees from one job to another or from one department to another without any change in the responsibility and status if employees.


What is staffing concerned with?

Is concerned with obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied workforce.


How does transfer help employees?

Transfer helps employees in getting trained in diifferent area and learn different skills.


How does transferring help in avoiding termination of employees?

Transferring is the horizontal shift of employees and so if one employee is not doing so well in one job he can be transferred to another job without terminating him.


What is promotion?

It's the vertical movement of employees along the scalar chain.
It refers to the shift of employees to higher position carrying higher responsibility, status and pay.


What are the merits of internal staffing?

Leads to a chain of promotions which motivates employees to improve their performance. It simplifies the process of recruitment. It acts as a tool for training employees. It helps in shifting workforce from where there is surplus of employees to where there is a shortage of employees and it way cheaper than external sources.


What are the limitations of internal recruitment?

Is reduces the chance of inducing new talent to organization. Employees may become lethargic if they are sure of promotion. New firms can't use internal sources as they might not have much. The spirit of competition may be hampered as employees get used to each other and frequent transfer reduces productivity of employees.


What are the different sources of external recruitment?

Direct recruitment. Casual calling. Advertisement. Employment Excange. Placement Agencies. Campus recruitment. Recommendation of employees. Labour Contractors. Advertisement on television. Web publishing.


What is direct recruitment?

It's a system of external recruitment where a notice is put up specifying the details of the job. Job seekers assemble outside and selection is done on the spot. This is good for casual work vacancies and is very inexpensive. The workers recruited this way are normally payed in a daily wage system.


What is Casual Calling?

It's a method of recruitment where the organization maintains a database of unsolicited applicants. The database is checked whenever a job vacancy arises. It's a cheap method of recruitment.


What is the employment exchange?

It's a source of recruitment run by the govt. where it acts as link between job seekers and employers. It's a good source of recruitment for skilled and unskilled workforce. But unfortunately the profiles are not updated and the candidates are often not suitable.


What is recruitment through placement agencies?

It's a recruitment method where a placement agency, an agency which collects the bio-data of candidates with their qualifications, helps the organization recruit people by acting as an link between them and also advertise the job for the organization. The agency however charges a commission for their work.


What is campus recruitment?

It's a recruitment system where the organization maintains a close relationship with universities and institutes and recruits qualified personnel for these institutes.


How is recommendations good for the candidate and the organization?

It can be trusted source as the recommender is an employee of the organizations and for candidate it acts a preliminary screening.


How is a labour contractor useful in recruiting?

He is person who has a close contact with workers and can provide unskilled workforce at a short notice. This way unskilled workers are always available to the firm. But all those contact go if the contractor leaves the organization.


What are the merits of using an external source of recruitment?

Attracting qualified personnel. Having a wider choice of selection. Intake of fresh talent. And improving performance by creating a healthy competitive spirt between old and new employees.


What are the limitations of using an external source for recruitment?

It may cause a dissatisfaction among old employees as their chance for promotion is reduced. External source of recruitment is a lengthy and time consuming process and it's very expensive also as a lot is spent on advertising.


What all is involved on the process of selecting?

Preliminary screening. Selection Tests. Employment interview. Reference and background check. Selection decision. Medical Test. Job Offer. Contract of employment.


What is preliminary screening?

It's the first stage of eliminating candidates based on the information given in their application forms.


How does the promotion of a superior benefit a subordinate?

The promotion of one superior results in a chain of promotions at the lower levels of the organization.


What is a Selection test?

It's a test to measure certain characters of the employee. These characters may range from aptitude to personality.


What are the kinds of selection tests out there?

INTELLIGENCE ✍🏻: measures intelligence. APTITUDE ✍🏽: Measures learning capacity. PERSONALITY ✍🏾: measures emotional reaction to things. TRADE ✍🏿: measures existing skills of the individual. INTEREST ✍🏼: Measures pattern of interests.


What is employment interview?

It's a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate the applicants suitability for the job.


What is reference and background check?

It's a step in selections where the verification of the information provided by the applicant is made. This is done by contacting the referrals in the application.


What is selection decision?

It is the step where the final decision is made from among the candidates after all the tests and interviews are done.


What is madi so examination?

After selection decision and before the job offer is made a medical check is done and only the candidates who are declared physically fit will be given a job offer.


What is a job offer?

It's the next step in the selection process after all the previous tests are completed. This is made through a letter of appointment and the candidates who make it are given the job offer.


What is contract of employment?

After the job offer is accepted a contract is made between the employee and employer called the contract of employment which contains the information regarding the job title, duties, responsibility, remuneration etc.


What is training and development as an aspect of staffing?

It's an attempt to increase and improve the employees current or future performance by enhancing his ability to perform through learning.


Why is training and development do important?

The society is rapidly changing and is becoming highly sophisticated. And this increases the pressure on organization to adapt its products. And the job and skill required to do so is highly sophisticated. And so training employees has become very important.


What are the benefits the organization gets from training employees?

As its systematic learning so it leads to less wastage(better than hit&trial method). It leads to higher profit as employee productivity is increased. It equips future managers. It reduces employee turnover as it reduces absenteeism. It makes the firm dynamic as employees are trained to respond to a dynamic environment.


What are the benefits of training for the employee?

Better career options. They can earn more has their performance increased. They are more safe as they are trained to handle dangerous machines. It increases their satisfaction and morale.


What is training?

It's the process whereby the aptitude, skill, ability of the employee to perform are increased. And let's them apply their knowledge.


What is education?

It's the process of increasing knowledge and understanding of the employee and developing his logical and rational mind. It imparts quality of mind and character and enhances the ability to draw thought.


How is education different from training?

Training is tied to the goals of the firm while education is tied the goals of the individual.


What is development?

It refers to the learning opportunity designed designed to help the employees grow in all aspects and reach their full potential.


How does development help the individual?

It helps the individual grow in all aspects and helps him reach his full potential.


What is the difference between training and development?

Training increases the ability of employee to perform the the specific job. It's a short term process.
Development means growth in the individual in all respects. It's a life long process?


What are the two kinds of training methods and what are they?

On-the-Job, methods that are applied to the workplace.
Off-the-Job, methods that are used away from the workplace.


What is the difference between on the job and off the job methods?

On the job is learning while doing and Off the job is learning and then doing.


What are the different methods in on the job training?

Apprenticeship training. Coaching. Internship training. Job rotation.


What is an Apprenticeship Programme?

It's a training method where the works are under the guidance of a Master worker. The trainee is trying to learn a highly specialized skill and is expected to spend time working with the guide.


What is Coaching?

It's a training method where the superior guides and trains the trainee as a coach. And tries to achieve mutually agreed upon goals. This is normally done to replace the superior and giving the trainee enough skills to do the superiors job.


What is internship training?

It's joint training program by educational institutes and business organizations. The candidates selected for this carry one their regular studies and also work at the same time to acquire practical knowledge.


What is job rotation?

It's a training method whereby the employees are shifted from one department to another and from one job to another. This enables the employee to get a broader understanding of the way the company functions as a whole .


What are the different off the job methods of training?

Class room lectures. Films. Computer modeling. Vestibule training. Programmed instructions.


What is case study and how does it help the trainees?

Case study is a method of training where the trainees are are given actual scenarios in the organization and are expected to come up with a solution for the problem.
It helps trainees as they have to study the cases, determine the problem, find the cause and come up with a solution.


How does computer modeling help the organization?

Computer modeling stimulates the work environment and thus any mistake in the stimulation will not cost the company as much as it would have if the mistake happens in the real workplace.


What is Vestibule Training?

It's a method of training where the employees train with equipment that is used in the real workplace but the training is conducted far away from the actual workplace. It tries to create a workplace sort of environment.


How does Programmed Instruction work?

It tries to give the trainees specific skills by breaking down the information into meaningful units that are arranged in a proper way, from simple to complex information.