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What is the major premise of Stephensons 33 Principles?

A universal intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence



Saying that allopathic medicine comes from a flawed philosophical position does NOT mean that its methods are not valuable, even life saving in the right circumstances. It just means that a PURELY allopathic outlook on health and disease has serious shortcomings


What kind of reasoning does philosophy work through?

Deductive reasoning


What does deduction mean?

"To pull out of"
-To derive meaningful conclusions from general principles through logical reasoning
-Usually reasoning from the more general to the more specific


Deductive reasoning comes from what?

Research hypothesis/predicted relationships and facts to empirical observations


What kind of reasoning did BJ argue was allopathic medicine?

Inductive reasoning
-Going from the specific to the general


What kind of reasoning is Chiropractic?

Deductive reasoning


How has deductive reasoning proven facts?

Thousands of clinical findings and thousands of observations of the Laws of this Intelligence


Deductions are based on the major premise that...?

-Life is intelligent
-There is an Intelligent Creator who created matter, attends to its existence and give to it all that it has


What are the strengths of deductive reasoning?

-Can allow us to reason beyond our experience
-100% certainty of conclusions
-Gives strong basis for actions


What the limitations of deductive reasoning?

-Quality of assumptions: are they true? (false assumptions lead to uncertain conclusions)
-Quality of logic: is it valid? (Errors can produce false conclusions from true premises or vise versa)
-Deduction is not self testing: conclusions need to be tested against reality


What kind of syllogism does the 33 Principles represent?

Extended Deductive syllogism (If A is true, then B follows, etc)


Dr David Koch did what?

Published a review of the Principles in which they were renumbered, categorized, and edited without changing the overall concepts or their intent


What are the 3 categories of Principles?

-Universal principles (1-14)
-Biological principles (15-30)
-Chiropractic principles (31-33) - these are specifically chiropractic in nature


The Universal principles outline the concepts of what?

-An intelligent universe
-Define and characterize its ability to self organize
-Establish between its organizing intelligence and the matter of which the universe is composed


The first 14 principles are most closely related to the concept of what kind of dualism?

Dualistic interactionism


What are BJs 3 intelligences?

-Universal intelligence
-Innate intelligence
-Educated intelligence


The principle of self organization inherent in all matter is what type of intelligence?

Universal intelligence


What did BJ feel that "bridged the great divide" and was the answer to spirit/matter dualism?

The Chiropractic Triune of Life


What are 3 parts to the Chiropractic Triune of Life?

-Intelligence provides the form
-Matter/energy (material) expresses the form
-Force links intelligence with matter
*this is meant to apply to all of existence, therefore it is a metaphysical concept


T/F: Dr Kock refers the Triune of Organization as it pertains to only animate matter?

False - The Triune of Organization pertains to ALL MATTER, both inanimate and animate


What topic does the Biological principles explore?

The topic of "life" identifying the self organizing potential of a living thing as its innate intelligence and describing the unique, constructive forces created within living things to maintain their organization


The 16 biological principles say that living things are what?

Life in matter inseperably and are organized and maintained by their "innate intelligence"


What are the 16 biological principles more accurately known as?

Critical vitalism or organicism


What is the 16th biological principle?

Innate intelligence


When a living thing has the intelligence of the universe inborn with it what kind of intelligence is that?

Innate intelligence


What is another name for Universal intelligence?

Innate intelligence


T/F: Universal intelligence gives all matter all its properties and actions



Innate intelligence IS or IS NOT universal intelligence but individualized by the attention it pays to the unit



According to Biological principle 19, what is the evidence of life?

The signs of life (assimilation, elimination, growth, reproduction, and adaptability) are evidence of the innate intelligence of life


The mission of the bodys innate intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a living thing in Active Organization is what biological principle?

20 - The mission of innate intelligence


The 30th biological principle - The Cause of Dis-ease - says what?

Interference with the transmission of innate forces causes incoordination or "dis-ease"


The 3 principles that are specific to living organisms with never systems and spinal columns, characterizing the role of the forces traveling over these structures and identifying the problem of interference an dis-ease are called what?

Chiropractic principles


What principles establish importance of the nervous system, body functions and cite subluxations?

Chiropractic principles


What principle says that the interference with transmission in the body is often directly or indirectly due to subluxation in the spinal column?

33 Subluxations


Chiropractic is a philosophy that:

-Likes to keep things natural
-by hand only for the correction of dis-ease
-nonreligious nature
-without the use of surgical means for the correction of incoordination caused by subluxation