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What is the effects of cortisol?

antagonist to insulin -> causes gluconeogenesis, fat and protein breakdown (strongest antagonist when compared with glucagon and somatostatin)
lowers immune reactivity, raises BP, inhibits bone synthesis


What are adverse effects of therapeutic steroid use?

hypertension, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, increased infection risk


What are examples of therapeutic steroids?

hydrocortisone (cortisol equivalent = 1)
prednisalone (4)
triamcinolone (5)
dexamethasone (25)
betamethasone (30)


What are the effects of therapeutic steroids?

enhanced glucocorticoid effect
enhanced mineralocorticoid effect (salt and water retention, hypertension)
ALSO cause suppression of adrenal function


What hormones are produced by the adrenal glands? Where are these produced in the adrenal glands?

aldosterone -> zona glomerulosa
cortisol -> zona fasicularis
adrenal androgens -> zona reticularis
adrenaline -> medulla