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Scandals committed by the pope and burch officials

- some popes married
- some popes had children
- they did Simony
- they practiced nepotism


What was the reformation?

When the Catholic churches teachings started getting questioned and a political, religious, upheal


When did the reformation start?

When the important priests and church teachers who were influenced by Humanists from the Renaissance had serious doubts about the Catholic Church and its teachings. (16th century)


Catholic counter reformation

Reform: In response to the reformation, the church called the council of Trent to fix the Catholic Church and get rid of corruption

Propaganda: (Jesuits)

Inquisition: (Inquisition)


St. Bartholomew's day Massacre

The Calvinists (Huguenots) had enemies. One was the french queen, Catherine de Medici. On the occasion of a royal wedding on St. Bartholomew's day, Catherine urged the murder of all Protestant guests. Resulting in war. (1572-1598)


Why did England become a powerful nation?

The English navy was very strong. They defeated the Spanish Armada by using new tactics/strategies like fire ships and gunnery.


Enclosure movements

The Tudor monarchs allowed nobles to enclose their estates, throwing seeds off land their families have farmed for generations