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Cottage Industries

A business in which hired workers produce goods in their own homes


Court of Star chambers

A secret court to persecute barons


Henry VIII

He was 2nd s n of HenryVII. He was the ideal Renaissance monarch when he was a young king. But when he grew older, he became a tyrant. (Had 6 wives😬)



When u legally say a marriage never happened



A person appointed to rule in place of a monarch when they r too young, old, or ill to rule.



He was a 9 year old orphan when he became king. Since he was so young he was placed under control of a group of Protestant regents. He persecuted Catholics. He died when he was 16 from tuberculosis


Lady Jane grey

She was Edwards cousin, she was made queen against her wishes. She was beheaded when she was 16.



He won the war of the roses which made him King of England. Since his claim to the throne was very weak, he built supposed wherever he could, particularity with the merchants. He took away the guilds power and supported cottage industries.


Mary I

Nicknamed "bloody Mary" because she burned nearly 300 Protestants and imprisoned many more. Daughter of Catherine of Aragon


Elizabeth I

Daughter of Anne Boleyn. Very educated and skilled, spoke and read Latin and Greek. Also fluent in french and Italian. A patron of the arts. Made England Protestant, but treated Catholics with fairness. Did her best to soften religious tensions.