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Dewnthorpe- in north east of England in York

Each family gets £150 to buy bikes when they move in
Large windows to take in heat and store, thermostats in each floor, dual flush toilets



In Germany
Inter grated traffic plan
Low car density- less than 500 cars for 1000 residents, 400km of cycle paths, 9,000 parking spaces, £20,000 per space


Singapore- south east Asia

45% less traffic
25% fewer accidents
Cr ownership gone down by nearly 1% from 2000
2/3 of daily transport is done public


Beijing- the capital of China

Around 5 million cars
Since 2008 olympics there has been a 20% drop in car use
Only 20% of people who apply for a car get one


What is a mega- city?

A place with more than10 million people living there


How do you write a good graph description ?

G- general trends
L- lowest change
A- anomalies
H- highest change


Where is Mumbai?

Mumbai is in the East of Asia, and north of the equator. It is the south west of India. It is on the coast of the Indian Ocean


What is the port called in Mumbai?

Jawahatal nehru trust port


How much is a single sky scraper in Mumbai?



What is the population in Mumbai?

9 mil. 62% of this live in squats


The dharavai slums-

55% of the population live on 60% of the land.
Home to 1.2 million people
The rent is £2.20 a month
Toxic levels are three times over safe amount
The businesses have a turn over of £359 million a year
There are 5,000 businesses and 15,000 single room factories
80% of waste is recycled
4,000 cases of disease are reported daily
85% employment rate