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Who was Wu Zhao

Tang rulerand only woman in China ever to assume the title of emperor. During her reign, parts of Korea were added to the dynasty


What was movable type

Wood or metal blocks, each with single character, that can be arranged to make up a page for printing


What was the Gentry

Powerful upper class that consisted mainly of scholars and their families


What was happening in 220 a.d

China was going through a long period of troubles. No strong rulers. China wasn't United


What happened in 589

Wendi brought order to China. He reunited the northern and southern regions. He also named himself the first emperor in the Sui dynasty.


How long did the Sui dynasty last

About 30 years


What was the Grand Canal

It was a water way built by the Sui dynasty that went from the north to south. Trade route.


How long did the Tang Dynasty last

300 years


What accomplishments did the Tang Dynasty do

They gained land back that was lost to the Han Dynasty. They made the government stronger. They extended the network of roads and canals. Schools were set up to help train people for political jobs. After they lasted tests they could work for the government.


What happened in the mid-700s

Tang Dynasty begins to weaken, rulers charge heavy taxes, Chinese people faced more hardship, invaders attacked, rebels became more violent


When was the last Tang Ruler killed



How long did the Song Dynasty last

About 300 years


What happened in 1127

The dynasty of the Southern Song arose


What was invented during the Tang and Song dynasty

Movable type, gunpowder, exploding weapons, progress in farming, new ways of growing rice, negative numbers, advancements in mathematics


How was the trade during the Tang and Song Dynasty

The trade increased, goods were carried over land routes, ocean trade became important,


What else happened during the tang and song rule

Buddhism spread from China to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. There were great artisans and poets


Chinese classes during the tang and song rule

The old noble families lost power, key officials in government gained power(scholars), formed a class called the gentry, middle class was made up of store owners and traders and they lived in the city. And the bottom class was made up of soldiers, workers, peasants, farmers, thus was the largest group.


What was the status of woman

The position of woman became worse, they had less power


What was the civil service examination

It was a exams that people had to take and if they passed they would become scholars and probably work in the government


What was foot binding

It was a procedure that happened to upper class girls where there feet would be rapped really tightly when they are young and would form what was called a lily foot


Who was Tang Taizong

He was a tang emperor who started the achievements and ruled from 626-649