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The word ____ comes from the Latin inter esse, which means to be among. So, self-interest is self among others. The concept self-interest applies to an individual’s material needs such as better housing, education, health care or wages, but it also applies to the need for friends, for respect or recognition, for being useful, important, or feeling part of a larger community.

"self interest" (origin)


1.Win Real, Immediate Concrete Improvements in People’s Lives-
2. Give People a Sense of Their Own Power
3. Alter the Relation of Power

Principles of Direct Action Organizing


A ____ is a broad area of concern. For example, unaffordable health care, pollution, and unemployment are all problems.



An ____ is a solution or partial solution to a problem. Passing national health care, enacting a green energy quota, or instituting a federal jobs program are all issues.



a _____ is the design of the campaign combined with an analysis of power relationships.



___________________: these are the goals you hope to win in this campaign.

Guide line for Intermediate Issue goal


Worst mistake an organizer can make?

The worst mistake an organizer can make is to act tactically instead of strategically.


1. It is focused on the decision maker or secondary target of the campaign
2. It puts Power Behind a Specific Demand
3. It meets Your Organizational Goals as Well as Your Issue Goals
4. It is Outside the Experience of the Target-
5. It is Within the Experience of Your Own Members, and They are Comfortable With It-

criteria for tactics.


Role of the Organizer

the role of an organizer is to construct an organization.


Meetings to Pressure Officials.
When is this tactic used?

This tactic is used after “proper channels” have been tried and failed. Your group has already written letters, filled out forms, left messages, phoned and made every attempt to be heard.