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An accountability session is defined as what type of tactic.

as a high power tactic


Know what Goals become during these planning sessions.

Goals become demands when planning the session.


What is the point of an accountability session.

the point of an accountability session is to win.


Know the type of issue a coalition must select

choose unifying issues- there needs to be a common issue, not just a desire to work together on each other’s separate agenda.


Know the 8 basic functions an organization must accomplish in order to survive.

1. Gain New Members
2. Raise Money
3. Be Perceived As Powerful
4. Get Media Coverage
5. Build Relations With Other Groups
6. Provide The Members with An Exciting Program
7. Build Internal Morale
8. Give Its Leaders A Public Role


As a recruiter, know the image you should portray.

Try to look as much as possible like the people you are trying to recruit. If this is impossible, try to look like someone they would want to bring home to dinner.


As a recruiter you want action oriented members what type of meeting will you organize.

By recruiting to an activity, you get action orientated people rather than chronic meeting-goers.


Know the basic guideline when identifying a potential leader.

The basic guideline is that leaders have followers, people that they can bring to the event.

The followers are typical of the community or constituency that your organization represents.


In the leader development process what should you understand about the potential leader.

understanding the self-interest of the potential leader


Know the purpose of a meeting.

The purpose of a meeting is to make decisions. All else is secondary.