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5. Organisms that cause ringworm and athletes feet are in the kingdom_____

Plantae 13


8. The study of how immune systems in all organisms fight Diseases such as tuberculosis, is_________

B. Physiology


11. Which part of a microscope forms an enlarged image of a specimen

D. The light source


13. What is similar to plants, but is not an autotroph and has a cell wall which is not made of cellulose but of chitin

A. Protist


19. Viruses are considered to be non living because they_____

B. Use energy to grow


What is found in the cytoplasm of bacteria cells?

D. Genetic material


23. What. is false about binomial nomenclature?

B. The genus name begins with a capital letter.


27. What do archaea and bacteria have in common?

A. Their cells have well defined nuclei


28. What is a major distance between plant and animal cells?

Plant cells are made of wood, animal cells are made of flesh.