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______________________ is calculated to evaluate the practical or clinical significance o fthe results.

Effect size.


___________________ is a measure of the difference between two groups (often and experimental and control group) in terms of standard deviation units.  It is calculated by subtracting the mean of one group from the mean of the other group and dividing the result by a pooled standard deviation for the two groups.

Cohen's d.


If a d of .5 is obtained in a comparison of treatment and control (no treatment) groups, this means that the treatment group obtained a mean that is ____________________ above the mean of the control group.

1/2 standard deviation.


Cohen (1988) provided the following criteria for evaluating the size of d:

  • Small effect size = 
  • Medium effect size = 
  • Large effect size = 

  • Small = 0.2
  • Medium = 0.5
  • Large = 0.8


_____________________ indicates the percent of variance in the outcome variable that is accounted for by variance in the treatment.

ETA squared (n2).


If an investigator obtains an Eta squared of .55, this means that ___% of the variabiltiy in the DV is accounted for by variability in the IV.