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Know the views of the brain like what is Sagital

Well it is not Not coronal, or transverse

Basically the three planes, Sagital seems to be the norm in terms of a consistant reference so know that one. Hopefully there will be a picture or diagram or something.


Telencephalon, cerebrum

Cerebral cortex LIMBIC system and basal ganglia
Limbic system has hippocampus (for orientation) and amygdala.

Primary sensory cortex, goes to association cortex, located close to one another.


Basal ganglia is

Area are nucleus, putamen and globus pallidus


Diencephalon part of forebrain includes

Thalamus: relay station of brain. All comes in sensory info except smell, relay to sensory cortex and
Hypothalamus: controls ans. endocrine too.


Midbrain aka mesencephalon

Tactus: superior culliculi for vision, and inferior one for hearing
Tegmentum: nigra Among others are there (pro a ly don't need to worry too much about them...)


How to remember mesencephalon, over, metaen cephalon, and finally myecnelphlon.

Cool way to remember
S t y
In the words also match hierarchical order!


Hind brain, myenc and metaence

Medulla, regulate automatic processes, vomit, hindbrain.