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when did the EU create the single market?

in 1992


through the creation of the EU single market what did this mean in terms of trading?

that all members of the bloc must agree on getting produce from the same producer


where did the UK get most of its bananas from and why?

from the carribean islands
colonial past


what company did bananas flow from carribean to the uk?

the Geest company


who were the producers in the carribean?

small independant farmers who's major source of income came from the export to uk


who is the largest consumer of bananas?

the EU


where did the EU import its bananas from?

from latin american plantations owned by multinational companies such as chiquta and del monte


what did chiquita and del monte do to the workers and environment?

payed workers the bare minimum for long hours
used chemical and pesticides with no regard to deformation in population or environment
made massive profits whilst leaving workers poor


why was there a dispute between UK and EU?

due to being a single market and the fact that they could not have any special relations outside the EU for trade purposes


why do EU purchase from MNC?

they are the cheapest


what did the UK and EU decide in 1993?
made a solution

that they would buy the cheapest bananas from the MNCs but also from the carribean islands and africa
(controlled by quotas)


due to UKs and EU 1993 decision what did chiquita do?

they believed that this was an unfair trade agreement due to the fact that their bananas were the cheapest but were not being bought in large quantities
began talking to the US governemnts


why did the US government back the MNCs?

because their was less income coming in the country as less bananas being bought


what did the US govvernemnt do in retaliation?

they put large import taxes on product from Europe such as scotch whisky and cheese
also connected the WTO


what did they WTO do about the dispute?

said that trade and disrimination of products should not be based on social or environmental grounds but solely on economical (cheapest price/


what did WHO instruct EU to do?

abandon their policy
meaning that EU gets bananas form the latin americans


due to not exporting the uk anymore how much has the amount of bananas exports reduced by in carribean?

almost halved


what jobs do the people in carribean now do?

take part in the production of illegal drugs such as cannabis


why can't carribean fight back?

independant farmers do not have resources or size


what chemical in commonly used in the MNC farms?



what can DBCP cause?

deformations like babies to have large heads or missing limbs
sometimes death


what are environmental implications for the MNC success?

chemicals into rivers
exploitation of work force
lack of protective clothing


since the war what has been created in order to help places such as the carribean?

social movement known as fair trade


how much does bananas revenue make in dollar a year

8 billion