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What is an entrepreneur ?

An entrepreneur is a person who comes up with an ideas and sets up a business to develop that idea at a profit.


What are the rights of an employer ?

♦️To set up or run the business as she or he wishes.
♦️ To hire the most suitable people to fill vacancies when they arrive.
♦️ To sack employees due to bad conduct or poor standard of work.
♦️ to receive loyalty from the employees e.g respecting property.


What is an employer ?

An employer is a person or firm who hires others I.e employees to work for them in return for payment.


What are the responsibilities of an employer ?

🔱 To obey all employment laws.

🔱To treat all employees equally.

🔱To operate a healthy and safe workplace.

🔱 To pay a fair wage for the work that is done.

🔱 To give employees a written contract of employment.


What is the human resources manager responsible for ?

The human resources manager is responsible for the employees in the firm.


What are the steps involved when employing new staff ?

1. Decide how many employees you need and what duties they will have.

2. Draw up a plan for each job showing hat the person is required to do and what qualifications and experience they should have. His is known as job description.

3. Draw up a job advertisement. Make sure all the important details are included.

4. Decide where the advertisement will be placed e.g newspapers, radio job slots, local newsletters and the Internet.


What does discriminate mean ?

Discriminate means to treat one person less favourably than another for example because one is a man and one is a woman.


What is a probationary period ?

A probationary period is a trial period. The new employee may be let go after this period if they are not suitable for the job.


What does the employees record include

Letter of application
Curriculum vitae
Tax details
Details about their performance, attendance and punctuality
Contract of employment
Medical certificates


What is gross pay ?

The employees total pay i.e basic pay plus any overtime and bonus payment is called their gross pay.


What is time rate ?

Timer rate is where an employee is paid by the hour. The more hours u work the more your get paid.


What is overtime ?

If an employee works more hours than they are required to do they are said to be working overtime. You get more money.


What is flexitime ?

This is when the employee gets to choose when they want to work during the week. Once they work the correct number of hours e.g 39 hours they can work these hours anytime between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


What is piece rate ?

Piece rate is where an employee is paid for each unit of the firms product that they produce.


What is commission ?

Commission is where the employee is paid a percentage of the sales they made during the week or month.


What is net pay ?

Net pay equals gross pay after deductions have been taken away.


What is tax credits ?

Once gross pay ones over a certain amount, all employees pay tax on their income and this tax is a percentage of their income.


What is the wages book ?

This is a written record of the wages paid to each employee by the firm each week or each month.


What are the methods of payment ?

In cash
By cheque
By electronic transfer to the employees bank account


What is the method cash ?

This method involves giving the employee and envelope each week hat contains their wages in notes and coins.


What are the Advantages of using cash ?

🔹Being paid with cash may suit employees who do not have a bank account.

🔹 There is no cost to the employer for paying in cash.


What are the disadvantages of using cash ?

🔹 There is a risk of theft both from the employer Nile the cash is on the premises and from the employee after he or she has been paid.

🔹 There is a lot more administration work involved as notes and coins have to be counted out in exactly the right quantities.


What are the two groups that the deductions taken from an employees pay can be divided into ?

Statutory deductions

Non statutory deductions