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Why do manufactures need transport ?

- Bring raw materials to their factory.
- Distribute finished products to wholesalers and retailers and direct to consumers.
- Enable their employees to travel to work


Why do wholesalers need transport ?

- Receive delivery of goods from manufacturers
- Deliver goods to retailers
- Enable their employees to travel to work.


Why do retailers need transport ?

- Receive deliveries from manufactures and wholesalers.
- Enable customers to visit their shops.
- Enable their employees to travel to work.


What are the uses of transport ?



Why do consumers need transport?

-Travel to their place of work.
-Travel to shops and other retail outlets to purchases goods and services.
-Go on holidays.


Why do firms offer a delivery system to their customers ?

~Some goods are to bully for the customers to transport themselves, so a delivery service is essential.
~Customers may not give the firm their business if they do not offer a delivery service.


What is the importance of transport ?

- Irish firms can sell their goods in foreign markets.
- Tourists can come to and travel around Ireland.
- Public utilities such as the postal service, electricity and gas can operate efficiently.


How many types of transport are there ?



What are the types of transport?

- Rail
- Road
- Sea
- Air


What is the most popular form of transport in Ireland?

Road transport


What are the advantages of road transport ?

🔹Goods can be transported all over the country.
🔹The roads can be open 24hours a day.


What are the disadvantages of road transport?

🔹The cost of drivers wages fuel, tax and insurance is high.
🔹There may be delays due to heavy traffic and road repairs.


What are the recent developments in road transport?

Toll roads
Major road building programme


What is rail transport?

Rail transport is useful for transporting large and bulky goods such as coal and wood.


What are the advantages of rail transport?

🔹It is suitable for bulky goods.
🔹It is faster than road transport.
🔹It is not affected by weather or heavy traffic.


What are the disadvantages of rail transport?

🔹Other methods of transport are needed as well as rail in order to transport the goods from the station to the final destination.
🔹Railways offer on timetables and so cannot be used 24 hours a day.


Where are the airports in Ireland ?

Belfast, Dublin, Shannon, Cork, Mayo, Waterford, Kerry, Galway, Sligo, Derry, Donegal.


What are the advantages or air transport?

🔹It is the fastest form of transport.
🔹It is suitable for perishable and urgent goods.


What are the disadvantages of air transport ?

🔹It is an expensive form of transport.
🔹Air transport operates on fixed timetables so it does not operate 24 hours a day
🔹Bad weather can cause delays.


What are the recent developments in air transport ?

- A second terminal building has opened in Dublin airport.
- There has been an increase in the number of airports in Ireland.


What is air transport suitable for ?

Air transport Is suitable for transporting people and bulky goods.


What is sea transport ?

Shipping is vital to the world trade. Because Ireland is such a small island we love to export and import goods from around the world.


What are the advantages of sea transport ?

🔹It is suitable for bulky goods.
🔹It is cheaper than air transport.


What are the disadvantages of sea transport ?

🔹It is a slow form of transport
🔹There can be delays due to bad weather.
🔹 Others methods of transport are needed in addition to sea in order to transport the goods from the port to there final destination.


What are the recent developments in sea transport ?

Containers have made it easier to carry bulky loads to different countries.


What is sea transport suitable for ?

Sea transport is suitable for transporting many goods, particularly bulky goods.


What are the four types of shipping ?

Cargo ships
Tramp ships


What are pipelines ?

These are underground or undersea pipes used to transport liquids and gases.


What are the advantages of pipelines?

🔹Pipelines are not effected by weather or industrial relations.
🔹There is very little pollution or risk of an accident.


What are the disadvantages of pipelines ?

🔹Pipelines are expensive to build.
🔹They can usually only be used for one product.


What are pipelines suitable for ?

They are suitable for carrying liquids and gases.


How many factors effecting choice and delivery system are there, and name them?

There are 5 factors.
🔹Type of good


What are the other methods of transport ?

🔹Common carrier


What are containers ?

Containers are large metal boxes that can be transported by Lorry train or ship. They can be loaded with goods at the firms premises and unloaded again when reach there destination. This means that there is very little handling of the goods.


What are the advantages of containers?

🔹 Because the goods are not handled that much there is very little risk of damage.
🔹A large amount of goods can be transported in one go.


What does RO-RO stand for ?

Roll on Roll off service


What is the Roll on Roll off (RO-RO)service ?

This is the name given to the system of loading goods into containers and onto a lorry at a firms premises and then driving onto a ship for transfer to another port. The truck (with the container) rolls on at one end and rolls off the destination.


What does LO-LO stand for ?

Lift on / Lift off service


What is Lift on / Lift off service ?

This is where a crane located at the port or on ship lifts the metal containers from the back of the Lorry and places them on the ship. When the ships arrive at the lift the containers are again lifted off.


What is common carrier ?

A Common or carrier is a person or firm who transports goods for other firms in return for a fee. Examples of common carriers are truck owners, and railway companies.


What are couriers ?

Couriers are examples of common carriers that specialise in delivering smaller items such as letters, packets and parcels.


What are the advantages of hired transport ?

🔹Hired transport is suitable for firms who do not have a large quantity of goods to deliver.
🔹The firm does not have to pay for drivers wages motor tax or insurance.


What are the disadvantages of hired transport ?

🔹The cost of hiring transport can be expensive.
🔹Strikes by the transport fir,s could damage our firms business.


What are the advantages of owned transport ?

🔹There will always be transport available when required.
🔹The firms product can be advertised on the side of vehicles.


What are the disadvantages of owned transport ?

🔹The firm will be responsible for paying wages, motor tax, repairs, insurance and fuel which is expensive.
🔹The cost of purchasing the vehicle is high.


What is the State involvement in transport?

The CIÈ group of companies is the state company that has responsibility of operating public services in Ireland.


How many companies did the CIÈ make which were responsible for transport?

🔹Larnrod Èireann ( Irish rail )
🔹Bus Eireann (Irish bus)
🔹Dublin bus


What do u need to know when calculating delivery times ?

🔹The distance to be travelled
🔹The average speed
🔹The departure time


What is a tachograph ?

It is a device fitted to Lorraine's and coaches that records the vehicles speed over a period of time and shows how long the driver has been driving.