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What are the benefits of Industrial Relations?

- The workers will not go on strike because problems will get sorted out quickly.
🔹BENEFIT TO THE EMPLOYER: The firm will not lose money or customers.
🔹BENEFIT TO THE EMPLOYEE: the employee will not lose wages or their job.

- The employees will be happy in their work.
🔹 BENEFIT TO THE EMPLOYER: Happy and contented employees work harder, which will lead to higher profits.
🔹BENEFIT TO THE EMPLOYEE: There will be a good atmosphere in the workplace.


What is a trade union?

A trade union is an organisation of workers whose main objectives are to protect the jobs of their members and improve their pay and conditions.


What are the functions of trade unions ?

~ To protect the jobs of their members by doing all they can to stop workers from being made dismissed (sacked) or redundant

~ To try to improve their members working conditions e.g making sure the workplace is properly heated.

~ To try increase their members pay.


What are the four types of trade unions in Ireland?

Craft unions
Industrial unions
General unions
Professional unions


What are crafts unions ?

The members of these unions usually have particular craft,trade or skill, such as a plumber or electrician. They are traditional trade unions and usually the members would have served in an apprenticeship before they can join.


Give two examples of craft unions in Ireland ?

The Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU)

The National Union of Sheet Metal Workers Of Ireland


What is an industrial union?

These are unions whose members all work in the industry. It doesn't matter what job they do in the industry or what position they hold to be a member.


Give an example of the industrial union ?

Irish bank officials association (IBOA)


What is a general union ?

These are unions whose members come from many different industries. These unions are usually very large.


Give examples of general unions in Ireland ?

The Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union. ( SIPTU )

Irish Municipal Public and Civil Trade Union. (IMPACT)


What is a professional Union?

These are unions whose members have a professional qualification or work in the service industry. The nickname white collar referred to the fact that workers in these jobs did clerical rather than manual work and so usually wore a white shirt or tie.


Give examples of a professional (white collar) unions ?

The association of secondary teachers in Ireland. ( ASTI )

The National Union of Journalists. (NUJ)


What is a shop steward?

A shop steward is is the person elected by the trade union members to represent them in the workplace.


What are the functions of the shop steward?

To encourage workers to join the trade union.

To collect the trade union membership fee from the workers each week or month. The fee is known as union Dues.

To help the workers to solve any problems they may have with the employer.


What is the Irish congress of trade unions ( ICTU )

The Irish congress of trade unions is the governing body for the trade unions in Ireland. It is a voluntary organisation and represents and helps those trade unions that are joined to it.


What are the main functions of the ICTU?

- To provide advice and training to trade unions and their members
- To help trade union to solve disputes they may have with their employers.
- To try to improve pay and working conditions for all trade union members by negotiating national pay agreements with the government.


What are some of the main causes of industrial disputes?

~A worker is suspended or dismissed.
~Workers want an increase in pay but management say no.
~Workers are not happy with their conditions of employment and ask for them to be changed e.g extra holidays fewer working hours or longer lunch breaks.
~Workers are not happy with their working conditions e.g health and safety standards.
~The workers feel they were treated unfairly e.g an employee was passed over for promotion.


What is an official strike ?

An official strike dispute is one that has the support of the ICTU. The following steps must have been taken for the strike to be called an official strike.

- The trade union organises a secret vote in which the members decide whether or not they want to go on strike.
- If the majority of the workers vote in favour the union asks the ICTU for their support.


What is an unofficial strike ?

An unofficial strike is when the workers decide to go on strike without the agreement of their own trade union or ICTU.
Unofficial strikes are bad because:
- No notice is give to the employer so he or she has no time to find a solution.
- There is no strike pay for the workers.


What is a Sympathetic strike ?

A sympathetic strike is when workers who have no problem with their employer go on strike to support their colleagues who do have a problem.


What is a wildcat/ lightning strike ?

A wildcat/lightning strike is when the workers suddenly call a strike and walk out of work without holding a vote or giving any notice to the employer. These strikes usually take place because something unexpected has happened in the workplace without any warning.


What is industrial relations ?

Industrial relations refers to the relationship that exists between the employers and employees in a particular workplace


What is a work to rule strike ?

- The workers come to work as normal.
- The workers refuse to do any overtime.
- Sometimes workers refuse to perform certain tasks. However they continue to perform and do their duties and other tasks.
- Because of this management is forced to act to solve the problems.


What are the three steps to solve trade disputes?

1st go through grievance procedure. This process is when employees discuss between trade union and management

2nd go through conciliation. This is the process of brining two sides of a dispute together to discuss the problem and try to reach a solution that they can both accept

3rd go through arbitration. This when three people on each labour court committee who listen to both side of the dispute and then makes a decision about what they think should happen.


What is an equality officer ?

Equality officers investigate disputes where an employee is complaining of being unfairly treated at work. The officer listens to both sides and then makes a decision.


What is a rights commissioner ?

A rights commissioner will investigate a dispute that involves only one worker in a firm.


What is an unfair dismissal ?

A dismissal is unfair if it is because of any of the following reasons
- the workers political or religious beliefs.
- their race or colour
- because they are pregnant
- because they are a member of a trade union.


What is fair dismissal?

A dismissal is fair if it because of any of the following reasons:

- The workers bad behaviour
- Because the worker was not qualified or able to do their job
- If there is no work for them to do I.e they are redundant


What company helps employers and gives them advice ?

Irish Business and employers Confederation (IBEC)