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The pardoners prologue.

Hosts intro - the physicians story had made him sad, asked the pardoner for a merry story. The pardoner agrees but says he needs a drink first. The Gentils in the party cry out that they didn't want a dirty story but a moral story. The pardoner stress but says he still wants a drink.

When he preaches he puts on an elevated voice that rings and is as clear as a bell.
He always begins by
- saying where he is from (just been to the Vatican)
- showing his papal documents so that no priest or Deacon can interrupt gods work.
- tell stories
- speak Latin to stir devotion
- show more documents
- show some relics
He has relics in a glass bottle filled with bone and cloth. He has a sheep bone of a holy Jew which if you wash in the water your animal drink in will cure all their diseases and increase the number of livestock. If the husbands drink from the water they will loose all suspicions of their wives even if they know they have slept with 2/3 priests.

Glove that will increase the grain sown by the wearer as long as they donate penny's and half penny's to the collection.

He will not allow anyone who has committed a horrific crime or cuckolded their husband to make a donation to the relics, but anyone who has not can be absolved.
He has made £66 a year this way since becoming a pardoner and has 100 ,ore clever tricks.

He stretches out his neck and wriggles his head left and right like a dove perched on a barn.
Hands and tongue busy, it's a delight to see his energy.

His intention is personal gain. He preaches about avarice because it encourages people to give money. He doesn't. Are about their souls, they could go blackberrying for all he cares.

His wicked aims are:
- self publication
- Flatter and gain promotion through hypocrisy
- spite - if someone insults pardoners he will slander them through gestures so all know who it is although unspoken.

He preaches on avarice because it is his own sin, but he is driven by greed not the desire to push anyone away from it.

He then tells a story with a moral for they all love.

He will not live in poverty, he wants cheese, rich wool and wine and mistresses in every town. He will take money from a poor widow even if her children die rather than be forced to beg.

I will now tell my tale as I have drunk a measure of ale. I am a ' full vicious man' but I can tell you a moral tale I use to wynne in sermons.


The pardoners tale - section 1

In Flanders, a group of young people who 'Hauntenden folye' spent all their time gambling, betting, in brothels, pubs, dancing with harps and lutes and drank more than they could handle.

They made sacrifices in that develes temple and oaths so great and damnable it was awful to hear them swear. Our bliss end lorded body they toere' as if the Jews hadn't torn him sufficiently. They laughed at each other's sin.

Right anon women acrobats, fruit sellers, prostitutes arrived to Lyndon and blow the fyr of lechery.


The pardoners tale - section 2

The bible says drunkeness is bad
- lot slept with his two daughters whilst drunk
- Herod commanded John the Baptist be stayed whilst he was drunk
Seneca - no difference between a drunken man and an insane man except perhaps that insanity lasts longer

Full of cussedness
Adam and Eve fell due to gluttony
St. Paul - food for the belly and belly for the food, God shall destroy both.
Apostles - weep because the stomach has become their God,milled with dong
Cooks turn substaunce into accident.

Wine induces lust, drunkeness, aggression and misery. When drunk horrible to embrace, smell, disfigured and sound like saying Sampson from nose, although Samson never drunk.
You fall as if a pig
Drink is the farce of intellect
If drunk, cannot keep a secret.

Most of he glorious events of the bible occurred from abstinence.
Attillia died of drunken nose bleed
Lemuel's talks about dispensing wine to those who dispense justice but will have to read about it in the bible.

Is the master of broken promises,murder, loss of property and blasphemy against Christ.
Damages reputation, the higher your rank the more damaging
Still wouldn't make deal with lacedemon for Corinthian King as the highest rank gambled
King of Parthia sent golden dice to King demertrius to mock his former gambling.

Encourages to make false promises
God forbade all swearing - Matthews gospel
Jeremiah says you must swear in your oath truthfully but any false swearing will be damned.
If understand 10 commandments will know this. God's punishment will not leave the house of anyone who swears

Fruit of two cursed dice - murder, anger, dishonesty, breaking of promises.


The pardoners tale - section 3

The rioters were all drinking before the 6am morning service bell has sounded. They heard the bell ringing in front of a corpse and one ordered the servant boy to go and see who it was.

The boy replied that it was one of their friends who had died drunk the night before. He said that a thief named death came and split his heart in two and left. Death has killed many in this region, should be careful and on the lookout for this foe as his mother had told him
The inn keeper confirmed and said he had killed a farmer, woman, child, man and menial living in nearing village.

The rioters exclaimed by gods arms and suggests the three of them go as brothers to kill this false traitor death. They swear that he who kills will be killed and that they shall live and die for one another as brothers. They swore terrible oaths, ripping the body of Christ. Went in drunk mad mood to the village


The pardoners tale - section 4

After half a mile met an old man at he style. He asked God to watch over them.
The rioters replied : curse you, why are you wrapped up like that apart from your face and why are you living to such old age?

The old man replied
No one for their youth will swap to my age and death won't take my life so I must live my age until Gods will. I walk like s wretched and tap the ground with my stick asking my mother to let me in but she won't relent. Would swap all the treasure in my room for a hairpin.
BUT it is rude to speak to old man, bible says you should stand when you see white hair. Do not harm, you would not like it when you are old. God bless.

The rioter called out - no you old wretch, by God you won't. You just mentioned the traitor death you old spy. Tell us where he is or you'll pay, by God and the holy sacrament.

Old man - if you want to find, follow that winding path up to that oak tree, you will find death sitting underneath it. He won't hide away on account of your boast.


Pardoners tale - section 5

They ran to tree and found 8 bushels of fine gold circular florins. They were delighted and stopped looking for death

One said I am smart and fortune has given us this so we can live in leisure. By God worthiness who would have believed that this would happen. We know they are ours so we need to take them to your house or mine. We will have to do it under the cover of darkness as if we are seen we will be hung for thieves.

They drew straws and the youngest drew the shortest straw and went to town to get bread and wine whilst the others stood guard.

As he left one rioter said to the other. You are my sworn brother, there is plenty of gold here but Wouldn't I have done you a good turn if I could find a way to split this gold just between the two of us? The other replied yes but he didn't see how. The first rioter asked if he could keep a secret and he agreed.nthe rioter suggested that when he young rioter return, one of them should pretend to fight him, the other will then stick daggers in his side and the first one will repeat. The rioters agreed on the plan.

Meanwhile, the young rioter thought how wonderful it would be if he had all the gold as he could do and gamble as much as he wishes. The devil suggested to him that he poisoned his friends - it seemed justified as he led a poor life and suffering was therefore okay as intended no remorse- so he went and both poison, claiming he needed to revenge some vermin. He filled up two bottles with the poison and one clean one for him.

When he returned the rioters killed him, drank the bottles in celebration, and died.

No need for a long sermon.


Pardoners tale - section 6

Avicenna didn't write in his book any more damaging manifestations of poison than this. How can man be so unnatural to his creator?

Now good people,mood forgive your sins and beware pride. Holy pardon can save all as long as pay money or in kind, wife can offer wool. Bow before the papal bull.
I will enter your names straight away, you will be as innocent as the day you were born. And so gentleman I preach, grant you to receive Jesus, physician of our souls, pardon.

I forgot one matter, I have with me pardons and relics in my bag presented to me by the popes one bag. If out of devotion you would like to receive a pardon kneel before me or pay to have one every mile to keep it fresh. It is great insurance to have me on this trip because yo
I never know when accidents may occur. Let the host begin as covered in sin, kiss relics for happenny.

Host - no for then I would be condemned by Christ. By cross of st Helen I wish I could cut off your balls and enshrined them in pig shit, you'd have me kiss your soiled pants.

Pardoner so angry he couldn't speak
The knight resolve and bring social harmony and hosts and pardoner kiss.