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The reeves prologue

Everyone laughed at story of Absolon and Nicholas,not hey had different views but all were amused.
The reeve was angry as he was a carpenter and found some fault with the story. He claimed he could quyte the Miller easily were he not old. His feed is hay, not grass
He has white hair
Vitality worn but like medlar grows mature as rots
Has a hoor head and a greene tayl. If cannot have will talk about. Fire hidden in old ashes.
4 coals of old age: boasting, lying, avarice and anger.

Limbs may be feeble but have desires of youth. From moment born death turned on the tap, now running dry.

Host heard the sermon and with a voice like a King said he devil turns a reeve into a preacher and a doctor into a cobbler. Tell your story and don't waste time. Are we going to hear about the bible all day?

Reeve - okay but please let me tell a story to quyte this Miller for s blow can be returned for a blow. I will use the same peasant language he uses. I hope to god he breaks his neck.


The reeve's tale - section 1

Inntrumpington there was a Miller who was like a peacock proud and gay
He could - fix fishing nets, play bagpipes and turn the cups, wrestle and shoot arrows.
He carried an assortment of weapons, including cutlass on belt, dagger in pocket, sharp sword and a knife in his stocking.
He looked - round face, pug nose, bald like an ape.
He was - a cunning thief of corn, he had many years practise.
- a quarrelsome bully, many scared of as if laid a hand on him they would pay.
- Called Symkyn.

His wife was upper class. Her father was a priest. He had paid a big dowry to try and convince Symkyn to marry her. He wanted someone well brought up and a virgin (she was brought up by nuns) and someone fit to his freeman status.
She was as conceited as a magpie
They would wear matching red mantle and he red stockings. Splendid sight on feast days.
No one would flirt with her for fear of Symkyn. Jealous husband prone to fits of rage, or what they want their wives to think.
Her reputation was slightly tarnished as illegitimate. But lofty as ditchwater. Keep distance as lineage and nunnery.

They had a daughter called malkyn, 20 years old. 'Withouten anymore' except for 6mnth old baby boy in cradle.
She was
Plump and mature
Eyes as blue as glass
Pug nosed
Broad buttocks and high breasts.
Beautiful hair

Parson wanted to make her inherit as she was pretty. But wanted her to marry into established family. Should bestow church goods on blood relations of church, even if have to use church money to facilitate.


The reeve's tale - section 2

Miller had sole rights to grind wheat in that vicinity, which included a large college.
One time the domestic bursar of the college was sick, (thought would die) so he stole considerably more than usual. Outcry but he protested shouting he I didn't do it.

Two scholars Alan and John who were arrogant and liked to amuse themselves. They begged for leave from the warden claiming they bet the Miller wouldn't dare steal from them.

When he gave them permission they rode out to the mill on his horse, dressed in swords and shields. When they arrived the Miller asked why there were her and Alan asked after his beautiful wife and daughter. They then explained that as the warden was sick they had come to fetch the flour themselves.

They claim to be ignorant to have process of grinding corn so opt to position themselves at various points of the mill. The Miller can see what they are trying to do, but claims he will still get the better of them. He claims he will give them bran instead of flour for he doesn't care for their academic cleverness.


The reeve's tale - section 3

The Miller saw his opportunity and took the girdle off the horse, setting it free. It ran to the fen where the mares are.

He then set about grinding the corn and amusing himself with the millers. When the four was made, john went to go fetch their horse, realises the horse has gone, the wife reprimands for leaving the rein so loose. They both dropped swords, John exclaims as strong as a roe deer, by God he won't get away from the two of us. He reprimands Alan for not putting the horse in the barn. They ran after the horse.

Miller takes flour and asks his wife to bake it into a cake. 'Yet kan a millere make a clerkes Berd' despite learning. Let the children play, they won't catch it easily.

They ran to a thro but couldn't catch the horse easily. They eventually caught up with him in ditch. They returned exhausted and drenched, like animals in the rain.John laments how corn stolen and how will be made a mockery of by Miller, warden etc.

They go to Miller and begged him to put them up for the night. Miller said if anything they can share, they know philosophy so should be able to make the room bigger through argumentation. John concedes Miller won argument, says he has heard it said one should accept what he finds or supplies. Asks for food and drink and they offer him money as cannot tempt hawk without bait.

Daughter goes to town to get ale and bread. Miller roasts a goose and its up horse. Made them a bed in his own room, 12ft from own. Daughters bed side by side, no bigger room.

Chatted and drank. Miller became pale and belched and nasally. Wife became skittish and cheerful as a jay.
Malkyn and scholars stayed up drinking till no beer left then they all went to bed.


Millers tale - section 4

They are a chorus of snorers and the Miller farts, so the scholars cannot sleep. Alan asks for blazing flames to descend on their bodies, but although they'll get the worst of unhappy endings this may work out for the best.

Alan says there is a law that if you are aggrieved you can be compensated by something else. Our corn has been stolen and we have had a rotten day, so I will claim my redress by sleeping with the Millers daughter. By God if is the only way.

John - if Miller wakes he will commit villainy against us.

Alan - I don't rate him for a fly. Got up and had sex with millers daughter before she could cry out.

Enjoy yourself Alan, now focus on John.

John feeling miserable.mhe thought he would be thought of as a fool as at least Alan is embracing the millers daughter but he has just been made a fool of. He decided he would take a risk and moved cradle to his bed.

The wife got up for a pisse. Came back in the dark and tried to feel the cradle but couldn't, eventually found it and thought it was lucky she hadn't got into the UG bed as that would have been foule. She lay down to sleep but John kept up and went at it with no restraint.
The wife hadn't had such an enjoyable experience for sometime, he !pricketh her hard and deepe as if mad'.
Both scholars lived the good life till dawn.

Alan got tired before dawn as had been Swoken al longe nyght
He said farewell to Mykyn and that he would always be her student. She told him to take the cake as says goodbye she nearly cries.


Millers tale - section 5

Alan tries to go back to bed but gets confused because of the changed cradle. He climbs into bed with the Miller and grabs him by the neck, whispering for the pig head to wake up as by st James I fucked the millers daughter 3 times in one night.

Miller said you treacherous rascal, traitor, you are going to die by gods worthiness, you dared to defile my daughter of such pedigree. He grabbed Alan by the Adam's apple, Adam smacked him on the nose and it bled. Both fell to the floor fighting.

Fell onto millers wife who had slept, John hadn't. She woke up and started to shout for Symkyn that a devil had landed on her. John kept up and tried to grab a stick but wife knew crooks better and grabbed first. Could see two figures fighting but couldn't distinguish. (Thought it was both scholars?) smacked Symkyn on the head, he fell down shouting he was dying. The scholars beat up and leave without paying.

So, the Miller was beaten, his wife and daughter swyved, his corn stolen and he paid for the meal. Proverb at he who does evil should not hope for good is true. He who cheats will be cheated.

God save all those in the company. I have paid the Miller back.