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Section 1 of prologue

Experience is better than any authority. I have been married five times and know of woe in marriage.

Just because Jesus only went to one wedding doesn't mean I should only one marry once. He reprimanded Samaritan woman for marrying many times but why? Why wasn't he her fifth husband?

God asked us to multiply. Told husband to surrender parents for me.
Did not give a limit on number.

King Solomon had many wives gods gift to have so many wives.

I chose best husbands sexually and financially. 'Nether purs'

I am product of 5 husbands tuition. Hello no6! I marry Christian man straight away because I am free and apostle said I am am free and can marry anyone I please.

Apostle said it is better to marry than burn. Lame he slandered but Abraham and Jacob holy and had many wives.

Where did God forbid marriage? Apostle recommended virginnity but could not demand as did not have the divine's will. He would recommend as wanted everyone to be like him. BUT if no marriage then no seeds of virginity.

God make everyone different, some are gold some are wood and useful to God. God only asked those seeking perfection to give their goods to the needy, I am not seeking perfection so will dedicate my life to the acts of marriage.

Why else do we have sexual organs? Don't have to use but that is why God gave them to us. How else pay marriage debt? Some are wheat and some are barely, but barley fed 100 men.

Continue to use as liberally as God gave me. Husbands shall pay marriage debt all the time. Husband is her servant and he will suffer bodily affliction as long as he is married to her.


Section 2 - Pardoner's interruption.

Pardoner - well done you are a good preacher. I was going to marry a wife but I don't think I should have to suffer so much in my flesh for it. I'd rather marry no woman this year!

Wife of bath - wait till you have heard my tale, then decide. But it gets worse.

Pardoner- okay well tell us young men all you know, don't hold back.

WofB - okay but don't be upset, just want to amuse you.


Wife of bath prologue - section 3

Had 3 good husbands. 2 bad. The three good were old and rich. Could barely perform legal function, had them working all night.

Had all their wealth and love so nothing to work for, put no effort pin unless it was for her own pleasure.

Didn't get side of bacon. Funny because they loved her so much, eager to buy jewels etc and delighted if nice to them as she treated them so badly.

CLEVER WIVES: you must falsely accuse them as no man can lie as well as a woman. Listen to what I said:

Crow lies (maid and apprentice agree)

Why do you whisper to the maid? Do you find our next door neighbour beautiful?

You reprimand me for going out with friends and dunk lecture me. You say if poor - expensive, rich - moody a pretty and the castle will be stormed, ugly and will throw at anyone. Do not need to marry to go to heaven.

Wives make women leave houses
Should be able to try out women like oxen
Have to praise beauty, be nice to family, celebrate birthday etc
Accuse Johnny whose hair shines like gold.

Why do you hide key to treasure chest? Mine too. You cannot have my body and possessions, forgo one. Say you know I am a good faithful wife.

Ptolemy said that he who possess pets greatest wisdom of all doesn't care to possess the world. If you have enough why begrudge anyone else? Tight, wouldn't use your lamp to light s candle. You have enough so don't grumble.

If wear nice clothes then my chastity in danger? I won't listen to your read under linings and lines of your text.
Say I'm like a cat. Singed stay in, pretty go out.

Spying won't help, argus wouldn't be able to find me if I didn't want him to.

Compare wife to hell, wasteland with no water, combustible chemical.

Try and convince husbands that they said this whilst drunk. Johnny and niece confirm,p. She in fact guilty but who arrives at the mill grinds first. Believed so find of him, midnight walks to make sure not visiting women.

Intelligence, deceit, false tears God given women by instinct. I boast but I always get the better of them.
Can't lure Hawks without bait. If wanted money out up with sexual urges and fake pleasure, never enjoyed dried meat. Constantly rebuked, would pay them back.

See how meek Wilkie our sheep looks! Ought to be meek and patient as lecture so much on job. One of us has to give and as you are the more reasonable male it should be you.

Are you upset because you want my Quentye all to yourself. Curse you have it. I could sell it if you didn't. Be ashamed of yourself.


Wife of bath prologue - Section 4

Young, stubborn, strong and cheery as a magpie.
He had a mistress.

Liked wine, metallius couldn't stop me, after wine want sex. Sensuous mouth has sensuous tail. Does weaken defences as lechers know.
Liked to dance and sing.

Sad that youth has gone, happy when looking back on it, used time well. Let the devil take it, sell bran as best now the wheat had gone. Don't be sad, let it go, be cheerful.

When had mistress made him pay by being overly familiar with everyone till he burnt in own anger and jealousy.

She was his purgatory on earth, he and God know how she tortured him. Hopes in heaven.


Wife of bath prologue - section 5

Hope he doesn't go to hell, although rascal. Can feel it along her ribcage and will her whole life.
Very lively in bed, knew how to coax love out of her even if all her bones were broken.
Women have weird turn of mind, if can have easily don't want it, but if mean desire it. Sensible woman knows that if big crowd at market price is higher.

He was a former student at Oxford taking lodgings at friend Alison's house. Often went to see Alison to amuse herself and told her all her husbands secrets, much to his embarrassment and annoyance.

One lent she, Alison and jankyn all went on a walk, husband was in London. Often took this as an opportunity to go places to be desired and see the desirable, church, festivals, pilgrimages etc. Would always wear scarlet robes. Never had moths as always in use.

Went on the walk, had some hanky panky with jankyn. Said that when her husband dies he should marry her. Doesn't want to boast but always had this sort of thing set up in advance.

She payed him, said she was enchanted, dreamt he tried to murder her on back and blood all over the bed. Blood = wealth. All lies.

When husband was on the bier wept a lot as it is excepted b wasn't very sad as had things planned. One of the bearers was Johnny, had very lovely Legs and her heart leapt.
She was 40 and he was 20 but she had stamp of Venus and was young and lively, rich, husbands said best what you call it. Due to star sign never work hard but just follow urges.

Can't stay away from worthy lad. If take to her doesn't matter if rich, poor, l.class, u.class, black or white.


Wife of bath prologue - section 6

Month later married Johnny in great Pomo. Bequeathed all to him but regretted it as wouldn't let her have her wishes. Hit her on the head once and made her tone deaf in one ear.

She used to go round the houses for gossip even though he forbade it
Told her of:
- simplius gallius - left wife for looking out doors without headscarf
- book of Ecclesiastes - husbands should not let wives roam freely.
- those who let wives go alone of pilgrimages should be hung.
Didn't care for proverbs.

Had a book called Valerius and theoprates. Big book with lots of books within. All tales of bad wives. But who painted the lion? If women had written stories could tell far more of men's wickedness, Mercury and Venus opposite in how function so obviously clerks will not like. Especially when writing as elderly and not sexually functioning.

One night Johnny sat and read by the fire:
- eve and downfall of men
- Samson remistress shaved hair
- Hercules set himself on fire
- Socrates pained by wives
- Lucia and livid cause husbands deaths, one by loving and one by hating.
- Amphisrus lost life at Thebes because wife said where he was in exchange for a gold broach.
- latimus tree where wives hung themselves.
Modern murderers

Spoke more damaging proverbs, said rather married to lion or dragon than wife. That a beautiful uncharted woman was like gold ring in nose of pig.

When realised he wouldn't stop reading, snatched book out of his hand and ripped out three pages. Hit him in side of head, he fell towards fire. He leapt up angry as a lion and hit her. She fell on the ground motionless and pretended to be dead. He wanted to flee but she p
Resented to wake up, claimed he killed her for her wealth and asked for kiss. He obliged spans said sorry, he wouldn't hit her again, although it was her fault. She then smacked him across side of head.
Said you their, I get this as revenge.

After much misery, came to an agreement that she could have total reins and do whatever she wanted. Since then they have never quarrelled,as nice as any wife.
Both true to each other, hope happy in heaven.

Now I will tell tale.


Wife of bath prologue - section 7

Friar - laughed, said worthy preamble of a story
Summoner - don't interrupt, typical of Friars
Friar - I'm going to tell a horrible story about you
Summoner - I will tell a horrible story about you too.
Host- let her tell her story, acting like drunkards.
WofB - I can as long as friar agrees
Friar- yes carry on I will listen