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Executive Agreements

Are agreements between heads of countries, under international and U.S. law and are as binding as a treaty (Do not need ratification by Congress)


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Gave the President the broad powers to commit and unlimited number of troops for an unlimited amount of time in the Vietnam Conflict


War Powers Act (1973)

Forces the President to seek Congressional approval before making war (Gives the President 10,000 troops for 60 Days and 30 more days to withdraw those troops unless Congress declares war or grants an extension period)


Chief of Staff

Responsible for managing the Executive Office and controlling the information the President receives (Usually a close associate of the President and his right hand man)


Richard Nixon

Insulated himself from the public during his Presidency


Thomas McClarty

Washington Outsider who ran the White House without discipline, leaving it prone to mistakes (Clinton's First Chief of Staff)


Leon Panetta

Washington Insider who ran a disciplined White House, and became a key policy player in the Clinton Administration (Second Chief of Staff)


National Security Council

Involved in the decision-making process during national emergencies


National Security Advisor

Has direct access to the President in matters relating to the military and foreign policy


Domestic Policy Council

Assists the President in formulating policies relating to energy, education, agriculture, natural resources, economic affairs, health and human resources, welfare reform, drug abuse, and crime


Office of Management and Budget

Responsible for preparing the budget of the U.S. and can be used to control and manage the executive agencies for the President


Council of Economic Advisors

Responsible for helping the President make national economic policy


U.S. Trade Representative

Responsible for negotiating complex trade and tariff agreements for the President



Supposed to run specific departments and carry out the President's will and can be dismissed by the President (Must be confirmed by the Senate)


Department of Homeland Security

Counters possible threats to the U.S. (Made up of 22 agencies)


Alcee Hastings

Federal judge who was impeached for bribery and perjury (Went on to become a representative for the House)