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Key themes

Religion, conflict between faith and discovery, Darwinian theory


How does the poem crumble

In terms of grammar, structure and syntax


Explain "this world is not conclusion"

Definitive statement is typical of Dickinson. Clearly suggests an afterlife. Religious aphorism that confirms a belief in heaven?


Explain "a species stands beyond"

Ref to Darwin's evolutionary theory of species. Signifys end of classical, monotone belief and a new journey into scientific discovery


Explain. "It beckons and it baffles"

Paradoxical - nature of the world is to draw you in despite a lack of understanding. Similar to those who try and understand a deity (god or goddess)


"And through a ride, at the last/sagacity must go"

There wont ever be a straight answer about the world, regardless of how wise the person is that tried to question existence or life beyond death (like with -philosophy, don't know)


Explain "to gain it, men have borne/contempt of generations"

Those that die for their faiths are reduced to a display of their faiths


"Faith slips and laughs and rallies"

Transient (fleeting) nature of faith. Use of our personification adds to our lack of understanding , its as if faith is a necessary being contingent on human belief (contradiction) -link to heavenly hurt


"Blushes if any see"

If you look closely enough faith is frivolous/playful or it could be social fears of having faith. Or faith could be blushing when people look to closely because they can see its flaws


"Asks a vane the way"

Belief changes as the wind does - lacks determined purpose or direction.


"Strong hallelujahs roll"

Nothing but unconscious, reflexive actions from the congregation


"Narcotics cannot still the tooth/ that nibbles at the soul"

'Soul' rhymes with 'roll' to draw attention to it. The word narcotics is an allusion to Karl Marx who stated that 'religion is the opium of the people'
Basically religion can give us a short term answer but it will never be substantial in fulfilling our desire for answers


Key techniques

Personification, use of quatrains, aphorism