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What did Rev. Wescott say needed to be included in a supernatural account for it to be more constructive

The persons natural temperament, constitution and state at the time


What cases did Cambridge ghost club exclude

Ones that depend on the cases of uneducated persons


Explain the parallels between Mrs Vatas-Simpsons account of ghosts and those in tots

.2 ghost (male and female)
.two children
.presence of governess presumably,
.strange noises and cry of infant
.stays awake late and night then sees
a women on the stairs
.verbal parallels = 'how did that man get in and how did he get out' (convo in tots)
.a man who appears occasionally on the stairs


Give another classic witness of a ghost

Mrs C- 'I plainly saw the figure of a female figure dressed in black'


What author did HJ criticise

Anne Radcliffe (mysteries of Udolpho)


What author did HJ praise

Wilkie Collins 'the woman in White'


What did HJ say about the women in white by Wilkie Collins

'Instead of the terrors of Udolpho we are treated to the terrors of a cheerful country house and the busy London lodgings. And there is no doubt that these were infinitely more terrible'


What did James say a good ghost story needed

To 'be connected at a hindered points with the common objects of life'


Who's farther have HJ the essence of a story about some dead servants and some children

Arthur Benson


What did HJ say had happened to his novella

It had been serialised


Why is Arthur bensons farther connected to the prologue

He told HJ an account of ghosts around a fire that was 'the dimmest account' from a person he 'half knew'


What did HJ say about his conscious intention

Strikes people as being 'larger than I deserve it should be thought'


What HJ quote suggests that tots is a pot boiler

'I can only blush to see real substance read into them'


What inkling of hope is there that tots isn't just a pot boiler

'The truth was at the back of my head' -HJ


Quote from HJ to suggest RRT was anticipated

'Always grateful to the justifying commentator'


Are the events true ?

'Fairy tale- pure and simple' HJ


What does Brooke-Rose say about whether or not there are ghosts or they are just hallucinations

'No word or incident in the story that cannot be interpreted both ways'


Feurerlicht on the death of Miles

'The death of a healthy child from shock seems... Almost as unbelievable as the existence of evil ghosts'


Why does Maria edge worth this children learn 'vulgar' and 'awkward' tricks

Being in 'the society of servants'


What does Maria-edgeworth think about leaving children with servants

'Its the worst thing in the world'


Maria-edgeworth quote with which links in with quint and miles

'It may be feared that some secret intercourse should be carried on between children and servants'


Why would a women accept such a position as the gov. In Bly

'The governess has virtually no choice in the matter'


Name some qualities a Governess apparently would have had

'Attached to her pupils' and a 'strict sense of duty'


What does being a Gov lead to

'A broken continuation, and a lonely un-blessed old age'


What position is a women of education placed in when becoming a governess

'An ambiguous and inferior position with none of the privileges of a recognised profession'


What position is a vulgar, half educated women placed in when becoming a gov.

'Situation of high responsibility, requiring superior endowments'


What does any women in the position of a gov bring in any cases

'More or less evil consequences'


What did Anna Jameson say happened to her governess

'Became languid, nervous and utterly broken down'


What do young governess' come to the job with

'Hope' 'courage' 'lofty idea of the task you undertake' feelings of being 'uplifted'


Where did Douglas go to uni and what club was there

Trinity - Cambridge ghost club