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What does Henry James want us to do in regards to feminism

Be attentive to how we usually read women


Although there are more female characters than male, what makes tots a Feminist novella

The women are unnamed


How could the governess be seen

Either as an unsuccessful femme fatal (a beguiling woman who brings death)
Or a stresses put upon middle class girl who is out of her depth


How does HJ want us to do something about the injustice against females

Do something about how we read them


History of sexuality

Oscar Wilde = direct contemporary of HJ + his breakdown was due to his success at the time of his theatrical failure


Why could James HS not be revealed

To transgressive In Victorian society


History of children

Children = perfect vehicle to talk about corruption


History of the market place

Ghost stories would have sold better than 'serious' fictions. -James could have disguised it as a ghost story to pull people in, only for them to realise there's a serious underlying message


What did Robbins say about the point of view of fictional servants and governesses

'Often been associated with energies pushing hardest to change the world'


What texts are referenced in tots

Amelia and Jane Eyre
(Radical texts pushing towards social change) -shouldn't ignore the fact that James has referenced them


What are Amelia and Jane Eyre allegories of?

Social upward mobility


How does HJ refashion the Cinderella story

By offering us a darker vision - the gov. Does not move up in terms of class or get the man. More truthful to reality (strips back fantasy and replaces it with actually)


How does HJ push the reader to want social change

Takes away the comfort of a happy ending and shows a harsh reality


What is the govs version of the Cinderella story

'Frustrated, truncated, unfinished'
'What happens to the aspirations the reader has invested in her'


What does giving the gov. The narrative point of view do to us

Make us accept her perspective unless we are provided with a reason not to


What quote supports that Robbins thinks the ghosts are just visual representations of the class system

The story has 'gaps lapses and ambiguities' and is about 'the social production of ambiguity'


What shows that the gov will end up having a relationship with someone closer to her social class ?(propinquity..marrying for availability not love)

'The forbidden love between peter quint and Jessel is an inverted parallel to the master and the governess


Why is miss Jessel 'punished by death'

Because, like the gov. She has been transgressive. -James is trying to shock is to the severe system


Why can't quint and Jessel be viewed as tragic lovers?

They aren't young, beautiful or high born (it's barely a tragedy in society because we are class orientated)


What texts does Bruce think we should place tots alongside

Those which push for social change