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Key themes

Life death and time


Behind me dips eternity/before me immortality

Speaker has left earth and is maybe travelling toward heaven . These lines open up the ideas of going beyond geological time (contrasts with thr bible)


Myself the term between

Speaker is caught between the two (the 'term' is still time orientated language). Highlights insignificance of speaker in comparison to immortality and eternity


Death but the drift of eastern grey

Death has a gentle nature (drift is not a harsh sounding word) it is a subtle state


Dissolving into dawn away

Paradoxical like 'last onset' in fly buzz. - death is a new beginning


Tis kingdoms, afterward, they say

Tone becomes satirical and religion is presented subversively. Tonal shift!! Relieved wisdom however speaker is doubtful showing they are undermining common teaching


Whose prince is son of none

Allusion to immaculate conception however it's sounding like its on the verge of being a joke. It could be alluding that this religious claim is contradictory and doesn't make sense


Tis miracle before me then/Tis miracle behind, between

In keeping with a belief of miracles by going against science.


And maelstrom in the sky

Shipwreck imagery. Storm and chaos at moment of death -splitting of the soul? Could mean a final judgement where damned are left behind.


What does the maelstrom at the end of the poem do

Undermines gentle image of death presented earlier I'm the poem.


Key techniques

Irregular form (anomalous in canon), caesura, shipwreck analogy