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When did Unionism start to become revitalised and why?

1880's - Talk of home rule was beginning to crop up


Why did the heart of unionism begin to develop in the North of Ireland?

1) After acts which increased the size of the southern Irish electorate (usually to catholic voters) the vote for unionists was drowned out by a growing popularity for nationalism
2) Land Acts reduced the power and political influence of wealthy unionists, therefore more voted for nationalists
3) Unionists began to immigrate to the North because it was a safer place following the heated political debate


Who won the 1906 general election and who was the leader?

Liberals lead by Henry Campbell Bannerman


What was the focus Bannerman's political focus in his 1906 ministry?

Social Reform and Reducing the power of the House of Lords


When and what did the Irish Universities Act do?

National University to improve higher educational opportunities for the catholic community
Queens College Belfast made into a full Presbyterian university


When and what did the Land Act introduced by Bannerman do?

Made the purchase of land in overpopulated regions of Ireland compulsory


What issue was the 1911 election mainly fought over particularly by the liberals?

Power House of Lords


Who won the 1911 election, and who lead the party?

Liberals lead by Asquith


What was the significance of the 1911 Parliament Act?

Removed the power of veto from the House of Lords so that they now only had the power to reject proposed legislation thrice


What was the problem with the proposed home rule bills in 1912, 1913 and (March) 1914?

The position and significance of Ulster


What and when was the Blenheim Palace speech? How many people attended the Blenheim Palace Speech?

In 1912, Andrew Bonar Law gave a speech that criticised the proposed home rule bill. It was attended by 13,000 people


When and what was the Solemn League and Covenant? How many signed the document?

In 1912 Edward Carson and 450,000 unionists signed a document that represented their views against the 1912 Home Rule Bill


In terms of Ulster, what was proposed in the 1912 and 1913 Home Rule Bills?

It wasn't considered


In terms of Ulster, what was proposed in the March 1914 Home Rule Bill?

A six-county opt out for Ulster for six years until it had been reconsidered to greater depth


What did the House of Lords propose after reviewing the proposed March 1914 home rule bill?

Instead of a six country opt out they suggested 9


After the rejection of the March 1914 Home Rule Bill, what was called in order to find a solution to the problem of Ulster?

Buckingham Palace Conference


What was the product of the Buckingham Palace Conference?



In retaliation to the growing problem of Ulster what was the name of the paramilitary organisation that opposed Home Rule?

Ulster Volunteer Force


How many members did the UVF have in 1914?

100,000 members


How many weapons did the UVF again after the Larne weapons import?

25,000 rifles


What was the name of the opposing organisation to the UVF?

Irish Volunteers


How many members of the Irish Volunteers have in 194?



What was the significance of the Irish Volunteers equivalent to the UVF's Larne weapons import?

The Irish Volunteers suffered 3 police casualties


How many army officers refused to impose home rule in Ulster, that was to become known as the Curragh Mutiny?



What was the significance of the Curragh Mutiny?

The army could no longer be completely relied upon to impose home rule when it was passed


When was Home Rule granted to Ireland?

September 1914


Why was Home Rule delayed?

Outbreak of ww1


What of Ulster in the 1914 Home rule Bill?

Same as in March


What was unionism?

Unionism was a belief held by mostly Protestant Irish that Ireland should be constitutionally connected to Great Britain


When was the Curragh Mutiny?

March 1914


When was the Buckingham Palace Conference?

May 1914