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How does a representative democracy work?

Everyone votes for the candidate that they want to represent them in parliament.


How often is a general election?

every 5 years


What do you need to be in order to vote?

-over 18
-be a UK citizen
-not a prisoner
-not a member of the House of Lords


What is first past the post?

A voting system where the party with most voted wins and all voters cast only one vote.


What is proportional representation?

A voting system where the number of seats a party gets in parliament is proportional to how many votes they got.


What are the main political parties (and their values)?

Conservative (supports free market and private companies)
Labour (believe in equality and want society to be run in the way working people want)
Liberal Democrats (supports freedom, tolerance and social mobility)


What are the main roles in parliament?

Prime Minister
Shadow cabinet


What is the role of the house of Lords?

To check, debate and amend parliamentary bills created by Parliament before they go to the Queen to be signed off as being law.


How are laws made?

-Government creates a green paper (ideas)
-When details are finalized, it becomes a white paper
-It is then introduced to parliament as a bill and MPs discuss the bill and put forward suggestions
-Once the MPs are happy with it, it gets sent to the house of Lords for more discussion
-When everyone is happy with it, it goes to the monarch for royal ascent.


What is devolution?

The transfer of power from central government to regional government


What is the British constitution?

They set out laws and conventions (how things are done) and how the UK is governed.
It is not written in one place so changes as laws are made.