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Difference between anterior and posterior tender points

- pain is diffuse
- usually the patient has a history of comfort in flexion
- injury is often associated with rapid extension from a flexed position
- can show kyphosis
- treated in flexion
- stretches are in extension

- pain is specific
- usually the patient has a history of comfort in extension
- injury is often assocaited w/ rapid flexion from an extended position
- shows decreased curves in thoracic spine
- treated w/ extension
- stretches are in flexion


How far must the hips and knees be flexed minimally when treating AT9-12

Knees = 90 degrees

Hips = 135 degrees


What muscles are the posterior counter strain points associated with?

Multifidus and the Rotatores (both Long and short)

Also some of the levatores and Multifidus (not until about T7 though)