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What happened in 1918 November?

A socialist Bavarian republic was declared


What happened during March 1919?

A socialist republic was declared in Bavaria


Why did the declaration of republics threaten Weimar?

It threatened the position and stability of Weimar. It also could have led to a chain-reaction.


What was German October?

In 1923, the KPD and SPD formed coalitions in the regional government of Saxony and Thuringia. The communists made military preparations with ‘proletariatian hundreds’


Why was the KDP a threat to Weimar?

It completely opposed Weimar. It would reform Germany socially and economically. It wasn’t prepared to be part of the democratic framework or to work with parliament to bring out any desired changes. It also organised events such as German October, an uprising in Hamburg (1921 March) and the formation of the Ruhr army in 1920 March. It also gained a lot of members after the USPD disbanded


Why did the ‘Red threat’ fail?

Bad co-ordination (no unified front)
Poor leadership (no clear leader meant internal division and disagreement on tactics)
Concessions with left wing policies (Weimar government played on the differences within the extreme left which divided it)
They were often repressed (constantly put down by freikorps and authorities


Who were the Spartacists?

Members who were originally part of the USPD who wanted a revolution like Lenin. They held their first congress and with support from other extreme left parties, they formed the KDP. Newspaper offices were taken over and a revolutionary committee was formed by the Soviet Union. It was then put down by Freikoprs


What happened in 1921?

Thuringia and saxony declared themselves as socialist republics