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What was the Kapp Putsch?

It happened in March 1920. It was proposed that 2 brigades of the army would disband. Wolfgang Kapp and General Lutwitz took advantage of this opportunity and sized the main buildings of Berlin unopposed. It was paralysed when the SPD called for a general strike just before they left and it failed after 4 days.


What was the Munich Putsch?

It happened on 8th November 1923. On that day, it was seen as an opportunity to press on and potentially start a new revolution. Hitler and Stormtroopers bursted into the meeting . They forced a revolution and tried to take Munich the next day. They were however crushed by the police.


Why were the extreme right still prevalent?

After the Munich Putsch, judges sympathised to their cause and only sentenced hitler to 5 years and was released after 9 months.