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What are the two tonometry methods?

Indentation of cornea and flattening of cornea


Goldman applanation tonometry is based on what principle?

Imbert-Fick principle. Pressure inside a sphere is equal to the force necessary to flatten surface divided by the area


If the tonometery mires are too thick, IOP will ______ while if the tonometry mires are too thin, IOP will be _____

Too thick - overestimated
Too thin - underestimated


What does it mean if the space inside the semicircle mires are splotchy and indistinct?

Too much pressure is being applied. Pull back slightly on joystick


Thicker corneas result in falsely ____ IOP measurements while thinner corners result in falsely ____ Iop measurements

thick - falsely high
thin - falsely low
*exception* thick due to water


Why do you have to wait 10 seconds between repeated tonometry measurements?

the tonometer pushes aqueous out of the anterior chamber


What are some factors that contribute to a falsely high IOP reading?

pressing on globe
Too tight shirt collar


What is the gold standard for IOP measurement?

Goldman applanation tonometry