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To convert from a temperature change in Centigrade, to a temperature change in Fahrenheit, multiply by,



In the Blagdon video, we learned that a dog could stay in a room above the boiling point of water for half an hour. Why then do dogs die when you leave them in a car on a hot day for as little as a half hour?

Because it is more humid in the car with the windows shut.


Where would the diurnal temperature range be largest? Diurnal refers to the 24-hour cycle.

a high altitude desert


The Health Costs of fossil fuel use are estimated to be nearly a trillion dollars, 6% of GDP.



The Wet gets Wetter, Dry gets Drier prediction of Global Climate Models is a pretty confident one because,

It is based mostly on the dependence of saturation vapor pressure on temperature, which is basic very certain physics


If another Dust Bowl event like the one in the 1930’s occurs in the next decade that would definitely be a consequence of human-induced climate change?



If a model is forced with a human climate forcing and produces a change that looks like an observed climate change, then this ____ humans have caused that climate change.

provides strong evidence that (never say prove!)


Moulin is a French word meaning windmill. With respect to the Greenland Ice sheet it is,

An opening and shaft in the ice where meltwater flows from the surface of the ice sheet to the bottom of the ice sheet.


The greatest risk of sea level rise much more rapid than we have so far experienced probably comes from,

Ice shelves that flow from continents


What is a methane hydrate?

Methane trapped in a matrix of water ice.


The Prairie Potholes region of the USA and Canada is an interesting one to watch, because it combines key habitat for migrating birds with intense Petroleum extraction using traditional drilling techniques, Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling (which we’ll discuss later).



During photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide and water combine to form carbohydrate


In the USA we have people who are hungry because they don’t have enough money, and sometimes the poor have very poor diets (too much corn sugar, etc.), but plenty of food is available. In food insecure regions of the world it is too likely that simply not enough food will be available to feed everyone.



In semi-arid regions of the world, the greatest risk to food security may be greater water demand combined with reduced water supply.



Indonesian rice production is predicted to decrease by the middle of this century (2050) because

the rainy season will be too short for two rice crops


Heat Extremes much greater than today in intensity and duration will be a threat to agriculture in most places toward the end of this century if greenhouse gasses continue to increase at the current rate.



The three “nations” with the most CO2 production in 2009 were:

china, USA and India


Order USA, China, Austalia and Europe by per capita CO2 production, largest to smallest, as of 2009.

australia, usa, europe, and china


In comparing Coal and Natural Gas, how much energy does Natural Gas produce per unit of CO2, compared to Coal?

Natural gas produces about twice as much (but produces less CO2!)


What fraction of US total energy consumption is from fossil carbon fuels that add CO2 to the atmosphere (2011)