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When do chromosomes replicate?

DNA is replicated during the S phase of interphase, resulting in sister chromatids that contain identical DNA strands


Divisions of Meiosis

a) Homologous pairs are separated during meiosis I
b) Sister chromatids are separated during meiosis II


Independent Assortment

a) During Metaphase I, homologous pairs of chromosomes line up in a random orientation along the equator
b) There is an equal chance of a gamete containing either the maternal or paternal copy of a given chromosome
c) The orientation of each homologous pair is independent to the orientation of any other homologous pair


Crossing over

a) During Prophase I, homologous pairs of chromosomes form points of connection between non-sister chromatids
b) The connection points form via a process known as synapsis and the resulting complex is called a bivalent
c) While in synapsis, non-sister chromatids may break and recombine with their homologous partner
d) The non-sister chromatids remain physically connected at points of exchange (chiasmata) until separated by anaphase


What may result from crossing over?

In the exchange of alleles



The non-sister chromatids that have had genetic material exchanged