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Topic 1.1: Introduction to Cells
Principles of cell theory,
Caveats to cell theory,
Striated muscle fibres
32  cards
Topic 1.2: Cell Ultrastructure
Kingdom of prokaryotes,
Structures of prokaryotic cells 9
36  cards
Topic 1.3: Membrane Structure
Components of a phospholipid,
Component of polar head,
Component of non polar tails
22  cards
Topic 1.4: Membrane Transport
Properties of membranes 2,
Types of membrane transport 2,
Passive transport
19  cards
Topic 1.5: Origin of Cells
Stages of abiogenesis,
Production of carbon compounds
20  cards
Topic 1.6: Cell Division
Cell cycle,
Main phases of the cell cycle,
46  cards
Topic 2.1: Molecules to Metabolism
Molecular biology,
Organic compounds
20  cards
Topic 2.2: Water
Water composition,
Water polarity,
Hydrogen bonds
18  cards
Topic 2.3: Carbohydrates and Lipids
Monomer of carbohydrate,
Examples of monosaccharides,
Formation of polysaccharides
29  cards
Topic 2.4: Proteins
Monomer of a protein,
Structure of amino acids,
27  cards
Topic 2.5: Enzymes
Definition of enzyme,
Definition of active site,
Explanation of enzyme catalysis 4
16  cards
Topic 8.1: Metabolism
Definition of metabolism,
Metabolic pathways,
Example of chains of enzyme catal...
21  cards
Topic 2.6: DNA and RNA Structure
Components of a nucleotide 3,
Nucleic acid
12  cards
Topic 2.7: DNA Replication, Transcription & Translation
Dna is semiconservative,
Meselson stahl thesis,
Models for dna replication 3
31  cards
Topic 7.1: DNA Structure and Replication
Harshey and chase thesis,
Harshey and chase experiment,
X ray diffraction by franklin and...
25  cards
Topic 7.2: Transcription and Gene Expression
Sections of a gene,
Dna double strand and transcription
27  cards
Topic 7.3: Translation
Composition of ribosomes,
Subunits of ribosomes
18  cards
Topic 2.8: Cellular Respiration
Definition of cell respiration,
Types of cellular respiration,
Anaerobic cellular respiration
24  cards
Topic 8.2: Cellular respiration
How are organic molecules broken ...,
Reduction reactions,
Oxidation reactions
39  cards
Topic 2.9: Photosynthesis
Definition of photosynthesis,
Chemical equation of photosynthesis,
Definition of electromagnetic spe...
27  cards
Topic 8.3: Photosynthesis
Site of light dependent reactions,
Function of light dependent react...,
Overall process of light dependen...
26  cards
Topic 3.1: Genes
21  cards
Topic 3.2: Chromosomes
Prokaryotes chromosomes,
Eukaryotes chromosomes,
25  cards
Topic 3.3: Meiosis
Cellular divisions in meiosis,
Mitosis vs meiosis discopug
25  cards
Topic 10.1: Meiosis
When do chromosomes replicate,
Divisions of meiosis,
Independent assortment
6  cards
Topic 3.4: Inheritance
Mendel experiment,
Results of mendels experiments,
Principles of inheritance
37  cards
Topic 10.2: Inheritance
Law of independent assortment,
Dihybrid crosses,
How to complete a dyhibrid cross
12  cards
Topic 3.5: Genetic Modification and Biotechnology
Stages of pcr,
28  cards
Topic 4.1: Species, communities, and ecosystems
Definition of ecology,
Definition of species,
Definition of population
33  cards
Topic 4.2: Energy Flow
Importance of sunlight,
Autotrophs that do not use light ...,
How is light converted into chemi...
24  cards
Topic 4.3: Carbon cycling
Definition of carbon cycle,
Spheres of the earth and forms of...,
Diagram of the carbon cyclea sink...
27  cards
Topic 4.4: Climate Change
Definition of atmosphere,
Function of atmosphere,
Function of greenhouse gases
22  cards
Topic 5.1: Evidence for evolution
Definition of evolution,
Are these traits acquired over a ...,
Evidences for evolution
21  cards
Topic 5.2: Natural Selection
General idea of the theory of nat...,
Key components of natural selecti...,
What would happen if all organism...
15  cards
Topic 5.3: Classification of biodiversity
What is the formal system by whic...,
How has the binomial system been ...,
How is an organisms named in the ...
33  cards
Topic 5.4: Cladistics
Cladistics definition,
Clade definition,
Cladograms definition
21  cards
Topic 10.3: Gene pools and speciation
Definition of gene pool,
Definition of allele frequency,
Is it possible to have multiple g...
24  cards
Topic 6.1: The Digestive System
Organs of the digestive system 8,
29  cards
Topic 6.2: The Blood System
The blood system and william harv...,
Further discoveries of the blood ...,
Blood components
22  cards
Topic 6.3: Defence Against Infectious Disease
Lines of defense,
First line of defense against inf...
21  cards
Topic 11.1: Antibody Production and Vaccination
Process of antigen recognition 2,
Example of antigen recognition,
Pathogen definition
21  cards
Topic 6.4: Gas Exchange
Physiological respiration definition,
Stages of respiration,
Definition of ventilation
19  cards
Topic 6.5: Neurons and Synapses
The nervous system consists of tw...,
Composition of the nervous system,
The cns coordinates sensory motor...
15  cards
Topic 6.6: Hormones, Homeostasis and Reproduction
Regulation of physiological proce...,
Endocrine system
47  cards
Topic 11.4: Sexual Reproduction
Process of gametogenesis,
31  cards
Topic 11.2: Movement
Movement systems,
Skeletal system,
Muscular system
27  cards
Topic 11.3: The Kidney and The Osmoregulation
Excretory systems perform two fun...,
Nitrogenous wastes and animals
26  cards
Topic 9.1: Transport in the Xylem of Plants
Definition of transpiration,
Cause of water transport during t...,
What causes the loss of water in ...
22  cards
Topic 9.2: Transport in the Phloem of Plants
Phloem function,
Phloem composition,
Traits of sieve element cells
20  cards
Topic 9.3: Growth in plants
Definition of meristem,
Types of meristematic tissue,
Apical growth process
12  cards
Topic 9.4: Reproduction in Plants
In what processes does the succes...,
Definition of pollination,
Relationship between pollinators ...
21  cards

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