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Describe the music halls at the start of the 20th century

more popular with the working class. The audience would be encouraged to sing along with entertainers. Seated at tables


What was the revival in the early 20th century?

It encouraged more people to attend a place of worship which greatly boosted the attendance in Chapels in particular


What activities happened at the church in the early 20th century?


Brass bands

Drama groups


Cymanfa ganu

sporting teams


What is the cymanfa ganu?

a hymn Singing festival


What is the eisteddfod?

a festival of Welsh culture and tradition


What types of people opposed pubs and why?

Wives, chapel goers

because of the dangers and expense of alcohol


What movement campaigned against the consumption of alcohol?

The temperance movement


What was cinema like before 1927?

Short, silent, black and weight films accompanied with a pianist
Hard wooden seats, noisy audiences and unreliable projectors

'flea pits'- but as they grew in popularity, they were replaced with grander buildings


When was the first talkie?

In 1927 'the Jazz singer'


What happened to cinema in the 1930s?

Film industry started to produce talkies
Half the population in Britain went to the cinema once a week
Actors became famous
Young people met there- became a popular place for dating


What happened to cinema in WW2?

Cinemas closed for a week as government worried about bombs falling on crowded cinemas

Kind of films the ministry of information allowed to be shown showed the heroism of British forces and ordinary people and pocked fun at the enemy- kept up morale

provided information- showed short news reports and public information films about air raid precautions and the blackout


How did the cinema impact fashion in the 1930s?

Cinema magazines became popular
Woman adopted styles and fashions from Hollywood stars


How did the cinema impact British lifestyle in the 1930s?

Americanisation of British culture---Words like 'darling' and 'coca cola' enamel part of everyday life


How did the cinema impact technology in the 1930s?

Introduction of synchronised sound and dialogue - 1927 jazz singer

Colour movies in 1930s---eg the wizard of oz


How did the cinema impact education in the 1930s?

Many people though cinema was a good way of educating masses
The educational value of the cinema has now been taken over by cheap thrills


How did the cinema impact entertainment in the 1930s?

People forgot problems from their everyday lives like unemployment --- 1930s - Great Depression
Cinemas showed news reels too
Captured imagination of young children


How did the cinema impact employment in the 1930s?

More people go to cinema so more jobs
Different careers introduced to do with cinema and film industry
Unemployed went to the cinema


When did radios start to appear in people's Homes?



When was the bbc set up?



What happened to the radio during WW2?

Government used radio to control news and information

Used to keep up morale by making military set backs like Dunkirk sound less serious

used to entertain armed forces

millions listened to Churchill's regular radio broadcasts about the course of the war


What kind of sports did amateur sportsmen play?

Tennis, cricket, rugby union, rowing


Definition of an armature sports man

Not paid, upper class, no need to work, believed in FairPlay and sportsmanship


Definitions of a professional sports man

Paid, lower class, played as their job


What sports did professionals play?

Football, rugby league


Explain the difference between rugby league and rugby union

Rugby league allowed professionals


In rugby, what was the issue of 'broken time'?

Rugby union refused senior players demand to be paid for the time they took off work to play games. This led to rugby league in 1895


What happened in 1905 to rugby?

Wales beat New Zealand all blacks in Cardiff
This increased popularity in the game


What we're fighting booths?

Booths at travelling fairs and carnivals where an ordinary man could fight a pro and earn money if he won.


When was the golden era of Welsh football?

Wales won the fa cup in 1927 in Cardiff city


What was the body line series in cricket?

When Britain played Australia in the ashes in 1932. Douglas jardine, the English captain, ordered the bowlers to bowl directly at Australian bodies.