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What are some demographic points with regards to Maori and mental illness?

Maori are:
- over represented
- higher rate of mental illness related to hospitalisations
- generally police/justice referral
- increased acute mental health disorders
- higher readmission rates
- increased alcohol and drugs related


What health inequalities are reflected by mental illness?

For Maori:
- higher rates among deprived groups
- high suicide rates for young moari men
- higher rates in those with lower income or education or living in deprived areas
- bipolar higher
- substance abuse higher


What effect does having a positive Maori identity have on mental illness?

Positive mental health


What do Maori believe has contributed to the breakdown of mental health?

- Colonisation
- Lack of control
- Lack of self determination
- Erosion of cultural beliefs, practices and structure
- Assimilation
- Urbanisation
- Socioeconomic determinants of health (including access to service)
- Breaches of Treaty of Waitangi
- Systemic racism


What is Te Puāwaiwhero?

Second maori mental health and addiction national framework 2008-2015


What is Paiheretia?

Maori counselling


By the 1980s there were three types of care for Maori mental health - what were these?

1. Traditional (Rongoa, Mirimiri, Karakia)
2. Bicultural (Bicultural therapy)
3. Maori Centred (Mauri therapy - Paiheretia)


What is the emphasis of paiheretia?

1. Relationships that influence wellbeing
2. Balance (wairua, whanau, tihana + hinengaro)
3. Build identity/culture
4. Build relationships


What are the aims of paiheretia?

1. Develop secure identity
2. Balance relationships
3. Reciprocity with the wider environment


What are the guiding encounters for paiheretia?

1. Tangihanga (death ceremony)
2. Powhiri (friend or foe)
3. Culturally significant encounters


What is involved in whanau healing with paiheretia?

1. Whakatau - laying foundation
2. Whakawhanaungataunga - affirm family bonds
3. Whakatatari - analyse problem
4. Whakaoranga - restoration


What are the priorities of Te Puawaiwhero (The Maori Mental Health Strategy)?

1. Promotion + prevention
2. Maori responsiveness
3. Early intervention
4. Build on gains
5. Specialist services


What are the three broadening approach methods of Te Puawaiwhero (The Maori mental health strategy)?

1. Population approach
2. Prioritise Maori
3. Severely affected


What can tangata whaiora, whanau and Maori communities expect of mental health care in 2015?

- make informed decisions
- have equal opportunities
- full participation in society, whanau and communities
- trustworthy agencies
- choice
- effective care
- timely care
- responsive care


What does te tāhuhu mean?

Improved mental health


What is Te Puawaitanga?

First Maori mental health strategic framework?


What is the document Te Tahuhu Improving Mental Health 2005-2015?

The Second New Zealand Mental Health and Addiction Plan


What skills must a therapist have when working with Maori mental health?

- access to maori networks
- knowledge of maori custom
- te reo maori
- able to navigate multiple interventions
- knowledge of whanau dynamics
- comprehensive counselling skills
- comprehensive knowledge of mental health
- sound communication skills
- mediation skills