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What is the foundation of Maori health models?

Take a complete Maori perspective and remove westernisation - a balanced model encompassing much more than biomedical


What is the first model of health?

1988 Royal commission "Nga Pou Mana Model"

Four sections:
Whanaungatanga -
Taonga tuku iho - healthy cultural heritages
Te ao turoa
Turangawaewae - homeland (identity)


What is the primary focus of the Nga Pou Mana model?

Places greater emphasis on the external environment and the significance oral tradition.


What is Te Whare Tapa Wha model?

Four sided house by Mason Durie


What are the facets of Te whare

Wairua - Spiritual wellbeing
Hinengaro - Mental and emotional wellbeing
Tinana - Physical wellbeing
Whanau - Social wellbeing


What animal is Te Wheke health model based on?

The octopus


What do the 8 tentacles of Te Wheke represent?

Wairua - spirituality
Hinengaro - mind
Tinana - physical
Whanaungatanga - extended family
Mauri - life force in people and objects
Mana ake - unique identity of individuals and whanau
Ha a koro ma, a kui ma - breath of life from ancestors
Whatumanawa - open and healthy expression of emotion


What is the foundation of the Te Pae Mahutonga health model?

Southern cross stars

Health promotion and prevention

Mauriora - inner strength, vitality
Waiora - environmental protection
Toi Ora - healthy lifestyles
Te Oranga - participation in society
Nga mankura - leadership
Te mana whakahaere - autonomy


What is the relevance and meaning behind the Pa Harakeke (Flax bush) Maori health model?

The plant leaves show the children (new fronds) and each leave enmeshed with each other is the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and extended family.
The roots are the ancestors.


Name five Maori models of health?

- Te whare tapa wha
- Nga Pou Mana
- Te Wheke
- Te Pae Mahutonga
- Pa Harakeke


What does the term Rongoa Maori mean?

Maori medicine


What does karakia mean?



Maori medicine (Rongoa Maori) encompasses....?

- Relationships
- Respect for ancestoral traditions
- Rangatiratanga (leadership)
- Wairuatanga (connection to the environment - sea, land. sky etc)
- Kaitiakitanga - sustainable resource management
- Respect for whakapapa - including obligations to future generations
- Te Reo Maori