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What is the first Maori health strategy called?

He Korowai Oranga


When was He Korowai Oranga put in place?



It is described as an overarching framework - what strategies does it oversee?

1. NZ Health Strategy
2. NZ Disability Strategy
3. NZ Public Health & Disability Act 2000


How is He Korowai Oranga represented?

As a pyramid.


What are the levels of He Korowai Oranga?

Bottom - Pathways
Second bottom - Key threads
Third Bottom - Directions
Top - Whanau Ora


In 2013 there were changes made on the model that represents He Korowai Oranga - what were these.

Pae Ora (Futures) model had three more triangles added
1. Whanau Ora - Family
2. Mauir Ora - Individual
3. Wai Ora - Environment


What are the Key Threads when looking at He Korowai Oranga model?

1. Rangatiranga
2. Building on gains
3. Equity


What are the Pathways of the He Korowai Oranga model?

1. Community, Hapu, Iwi, Whanau etc
2. Maori Participation
3. Effective service delivery
4. Working across sectors


If you were to write a paragraph describing He Korowai Oranga what four key points would you make?

1. New Zealand's first Maori Health Strategy
2. Overarching framework
3. Guides government and health and disability sector
4. Achieve best outcomes for Maori


Who is responsible for implementing He Korowai Oranga

The whole health and disability sector


What is the Maori term to describe the Pathways of He Korowai Oranga?

Ngā Ara Wha


What does the term Rangatiratanga mean in relation to He Korowwai Oranga?

Maori to have control over:
- their own health and wellbeing
- direction and shape of institutions, communities and development


What is Whanau Ora?

Focus of He Korowai Oranga
- Increase Maori lifespan
- Improve health
- Improve quality of life
- Reduce disparities


Who implements Whanau Ora?

Jointly implemented by:
- Ministry of Health
- Te Pune Kokiri
- Ministry of Social Development


What are the 13 key foci of Whanau Ora?

1. Wellchild
3. Cardiovascular
4. Cancer
5. Smoking
6. Diabetes
7. Mental Health
8. Oral Health
9. Nutrition
10. Obesity
11. Physical Activity
12. Suicide
13. Alcohol & Drugs


What are the cultural determinants of Maori Health?

1. Knowledge of whakapapa
2. Access to whanau
3. Access to marae
4. Te Reo
5. Familiar with tikanga
6. Enact cultural responsibilities


Is the life expectancy of Maori improving?

2013 - 7 years less than Pakeha


What factors contribute to life satisfaction for Maori?

- Not being lonely
- Partnered
- Good health status
- Enough income to meet needs
- Trust in institutions


What ages groups of Maori tend to be more trusting of the police?

15-19 and 65+


What event happened in 1964 in Tokonui near Te Awamutu

Whaiora - Maori focused mental health

Dr Bennett (Maori Psychiatrist) helped nurses to form a new model of care focused on Maori ways of health.


In Sir Mason Duries speech at the revision of He Korowai Oranga in June 2014 - what did he say the five areas of Mauri Ora that needed focus on?

1. Foster healthy lifestyles
2. Increase health literacy
3. Strengthen identity
4. Encourage self management
5. Restore dignity


In Sir Mason Duries speech at the revision of He Korowai Oranga in June 2014 - give some examples of how the environment effects Wai Ora?

Alcohol outlets/population
Fast food outlets/population
Number of cars on roads


What does the acronym HIAP mean in regards to health?

Health In All Policies

Means health is integrated into all policy such as transport, housing etc which enables greater inter sectoral collaboration