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What does the "o" represent, explain

Overload; Stressing a system at a level above normal. It includes utilizing frequencey, intensity, duration(time) and mode(type).


What does the "S" represent, explain

Specificity; Targeting a muscle for improved performance.


What does the "I"represent, explain

Individual Differences.Given any two individuals on the same training program, their results will be different. This is primarily due to the genetic factor.


What does the "r" represent, explain

Reversibility. 1 to 2 weeks after ceasing training, detraining begins. Within several months all training gains may be lost.


What is the formula for maximum heart rate.

220- age


How to find the recovery rate in heart rate

Subtract the exercise pulse by the one minute rest pulse


What is better when comparing recovery rate, a Bigger number for recovery rate, or a smaller one

Bigger, the bigger number means more beets recovered.


What is the acronym used for the four training principles?

O Sir