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What kind of salary were you looking to step into? (Early)

- Appreciate question
- No problem getting together on compensation
- Better idea of responsibilities / Judge value in performing
- Share most important duties / Typical day might look like?


Trap#1 .......
What kind of salary were you looking to step into? (Later)

- Appreciate you asking me
- Wouldn’t ask unless interested in me filling position
- (Pause) Know this about me - $$ not most important
- More important to me;
A. Stable company
B. Growth & opportunity
C. Challenged
- Far more important to me than just the money.
- By the way, what's the salary range is for position?


What kind of base salary did you make in your last position?

- Fairly compensated in my previous position
- My research - I'd be fairly compensated here as well
- Positions like apples & oranges
- Don’t relate as far as price or value is concerned.
- Most important point today - Be sure a LIKE MATCH
- Make major impact / Part of continued success
- You want someone to get the job done right 1st time
- Don't start hiring process all over
- Since you mentioned it, what's salary range?


When the interviewer tells you the range, (for example), “$66K to $71K” your response would be:

- I hoped this might fall into the 73 to 75 range (little more)
- Position fits me EXTREMELY WELL
- Certainly be willing to negotiate that point
- Position would be an excellent fit.


Trap #3
Everyone has their strengths; what are some of your weaknesses?

- Let me think… (Pause b4 answering)
- On occasion, lack of internal patience
- People who don’t want give a full effort at work
- 2 kinds of people;
a. Those that watch things happen
b. Those that make things happen
- I always give 120%.
- Lack internal patience w/people who don’t try hard
- Realize not everyone is like me.
- Getting better at it


Trap #3 Continued
That wasn’t much of a weakness. Give me another one.

- (After thinking). Not totally in love w/paperwork
- Always get it done right & on time
- Understand importance w/administration
- Can’t say that I’m really ‘in love’ with it.


Trap #4
We are only able to offer $X for this position, but if we were able to get together on this, how soon could you start?

A: How soon would you like me to start?
Q: Could you start in two weeks?
A: Does that mean you're making a firm offer?
(Lean forward, smile and anticipate a Yes)


Trap #5
Where do you want to be in 5 years?

- Like to be working for this company, of course.
- Hope to be promoted a time or two in 5 years
- Enjoy opportunity take on new responsibilities
- Possible for go-getter promotion in 5 yrs?


Trap #6
Why should we hire you over these four people who have more experience, education, etc. than you do?

- (smiling) Don’t know others you're interviewing
- Can't make a comparison of their skills
- I can assure you that I have strengths;
a. Technical understanding
b. Analytical
c. Troubleshooting
d. Implementation
e. Training
- I believe I would be great fit for position.
- Give me a shot
- Prove my value to company; that’s a promise.


Trap #7
Tell me about a situation at work in which you failed your task.

- Failed many times in working life - thank goodness!
- Those lessons ‘stick’, & grow personally.
- Secret - keep mistakes to minimum
- Think proactive & avoid mistakes b4 happen
- Recall a situation - asked vendor to build a course
- Forgot to add the vendor to the course shell
- Vendor could't access & complete course
- Later added this step to checklist
- Hope that answers your question
- Is that what you had in mind?
- Share w/me training position?


Trap #8
Tell me about a time in which you had a strong dispute or an argument with a co-worker

(Think for a couple three seconds)
1. Alan Kearns & insurance

- Recall MI library to meet selector
- Met Dir upset w/low downloadable usage
- Paid several thousands of $$
- Recognized the issue, asked questions
- Discussed publicity issue/marketing
- Agreed to take it back to management
- Reduced cost & renewed subscription
- Valuable lesson on active listening & uncovering issue


Trap #9
What do people criticize about you?

1. I've been told that I taking situations too seriously.

"It's true that I tend to be a serious person, but I do have a sense of humor. I just tend to be focus on completing my work first and having fun later."

There's no on-going criticism. I'm open to personal and professional growth and welcome the opportunity to improve.

2. I sometimes talk to myself which can disrupt nearby staff. I just get really absorbed in my work & forget that I'm not alone.