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Why do you want to change jobs?

- New challenges w/growth opportunities
- Exciting industry / explore it further.


Why should I hire you?

You’re looking for someone that’s
- Detailed oriented
- Communicates well at all levels
- Technical Understanding
- 3 of my greatest strengths


What makes you think this job is any different from all your other positions?

- Committed to find Co (like yours) with
a. Stability
b. Growth opportunities
- Ensures a long-term relationship.


What makes you want to work here?

I'm looking for a Co that provides;
a. Stability
b. Growth opportunities
c. Challenging position
You’re looking for someone that’s
- Detailed oriented
- Communicates well at all levels
- Technical Understanding
- 3 of my greatest strengths
I believe this is a great fit


What interests you most about this position?

- Growth opportunity
- Excellent business culture
- Stability of company
- Challenging position


What contributions have you made to sales, profits, cost efficiencies, or whatever?

- New portable mp3 player "Playaway"
- Sales contest
- Plan to target largest customers 1st
- 12 to 15 appointments w/portable speaker
- Most sold w/cash award


Could you do your supervisor's job?

Yes I believe I could do it very effectively


Would you be willing to relocate?

- With right opportunity
- Consider a position any location.


Who has been the most unforgettable influence in your life?

- Tim Doyle
- Muscular dystrophy
- Confined to wheel chair
- Most positive attitude of anyone I know
- Inspired to focus on positive in any situation


What causes you to lose your temper?

- Lack of patients w/those not giving best effort
- Always ready to give 110% effort
- Sometimes frustrated when others don't do same


How's your health?

- Great health
- Exercise regularly
- Eat very healthy whole foods
- Donated kidney, no issues


What do you want to be doing 5/10 years from now?

- Working for your company of course
- Specifically hope for promotion or two
- Always enjoyed opportunity of new responsibilities
- Is that possible if someone's a real go getter?


What kinds of decisions do you have difficulty making?

- Trying to make an important decision
- Not enough info for certainty of correct decision.


Why are you not earning more money?

- Growing with my career
- Made strong contributions
- Making a difference in business
- Committed to progress
- Learning more important than income


How do you feel about your progress so far?

- It's been a positive journey
- Great learning experience
- Proud where I am & what took to get there


Do you intend to continue your education?

- Absolutely!
- Lifelong learner
- Always interested in furthering education


What are your most outstanding achievements?

- Rollout cutting edge software system
- New interface & relational database
- Concentrated amt time to learn new software
- Created training materials & built presentation
- Rolled training out across 4 Regions
- Over 600 users trained in 8 week period
- More accurate records & work efficiencies
- Highest level of peer recognition with cash


Which of your qualifications best fits our needs?

- Understanding of technology
- Analysis
- Troubleshooting
- Implementation
- Training


How will you like working for a male/ female supervisor?

- Worked for both in the past
- Enjoyed working with all of them
- No preference for either


How long can I count on you to stay here if I hire you?

Stay with the company as long as
- Growth opportunities
- Development
- Challenges


What salary level do you expect?

- Appreciate question
- No problem getting together on compensation
- Better idea of responsibilities / Judge value in performing
- Share most important duties / Typical day might look like


Have you done the best work you are capable of doing?

- Always put forth 110% of my best effort


For a sales position, can you sell me this pen on my desk?

- Take your time
- Ask questions about how the pen is used
- Feed back what he likes about pen w/sales case
- see section on Master Presentation System, 5.5


What do you expect to earn on this job?

- Appreciate you asking me
- Wouldn’t ask unless interested in me filling position
- (Pause) Know this about me - $$ not most important
- More important to me;
A. Stable company
B. Growth & opportunity
C. Challenged
- Far more important to me than just the money.
- By the way, what's the salary range is for position?


How many people have you supervised?

- Managed a group of 7 system support people
- Both local & remote


Does your present employer know you’re searching?

No they do not know I’m searching


Have you ever hired or fired anyone?

- Done both in the past
- Hiring requires active listening & great questions
- Firing requires good judgement & poise
- Both good learning experiences


But you don’t have… ?

- Eliminating Negatives 4.3.5


Can you start next week?

- “How soon you would you like me to start?”
- Fair to present boss


What will you do if your boss makes a counter offer?

- Likely I will get a counter offer
- Firmly committed to making a move at this time


What do you want out of life anyway?

Position where;
- Good work environment
- Stable company
- Growth & opportunities
- Challenging
- Fair compensation


Why didn’t you accomplish more? Go to graduate school? Become a supervisor?

Eliminating Negatives, 4.3.5


Do you have any Questions?

Questions You Ask the Interviewer


Closing & Wrapping Up the Interview

1. Trial Close
2. Close

Wrapping Up
1. Strong Appreciation
2. Next Step
3. Close the Loop
4. Re-state the 'Match'
5. Six most important words
6. Confident handshake


Offer Response

- Appreciate offer
- Honored w/opportunity w/great Co
- Good fit & I'm very excited
- Career very important. No snap decision
- Sure you wouldn't want me 2
- Share w/wife & determine addtl Qs b4 pulling trigger
- How soon decision needed?
- Specific time to get together to form things up
- Offer in Writing