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What antibiotics are used for mild and low severity hospitalised CAP?

Amoxicillin, alternatives are doxycycline or clarithromycin


What antibiotics are used for moderate CAP in hospital?

Amoxicillin and a macrolide (oral) or same IV


What antibiotics are used for severe CAP in hospital?

Broad spectrum beta lactamase stable antibiotic such as co-amoxiclav with a macrolide


How are atypical organism causes of CAP treated?

Antibiotics that get into intracellular space (e.g. macrolides)


What antibiotics are used for HAP?

- Tazocin first-line for severe HAP
- Co-amoxiclav first line for non-severe HAP


What is the BCG vaccine?

Live attenuated strain derived from M.bovis, evidence most consistent for preventing very serious forms of early childhood TB e.g. miliary TB or TB meningitis. Can't be used in immunocompromised including HIV positive.


What is the treatment plan for TB?

Initial phase - 2months
- Isoniazid 300mg
- Rifampicin 600mg
- Pyrazinamide
- Ethambutol
Continuation phase - 4 months
- Isoniazid 300mg
- Rifampicin 600mg