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Erector Spinae -

back, group of muscles, collectively the extend the vertebrae


Rectus Abdominus -

pubis up to rib cage, main flexor.


Internal Oblique -

latéral flexion and rotation,


External Oblique -

lateral flexion and rotation


Lordosis -

caused by weak abdominals, tight hip flexors, tight low back, causes in curvature of the back.


Kyphosis -

anterior concavity, Hunch Back, caused by tight pecs, weak rhomboids.


Scoliosis -

can be congenital or acquired, results in uneven hips. Instead of running straight down the shoulders or hips will be uneven.


Cervical Sprain/tear -

direct impact or a whiplash thing. Pain in area, possible neurological symptoms. Spasm in the area.


Cervical Fracture -

spasm, no neurological signs. Compression fracture (from axioloading), pieces can break into cord. Person should be spine boarded.
The higher up the break, the worse it is.


Cervical Dislocation -

usually same mechanisms as cervical fracture, hit to head, whipping head around. maybe neurological symptoms, pain in area, lot of spasm. Not be able to move it very freely.


Brachial Plexus Sprain -

"Stinger", "Burner", grouping of nerve and circulatory tissue, the neck goes one way and the shoulder goes the other way. Weakness and a burning feeling in the area. Symptoms will be going down the arm.


Lumbar Sprain -

damage to a ligament. Excessive range of motion. Muscle may have pulled. Could be from bending over the wrong way. May affect the whole back.


Lumbar Strain -

damage to a muscle or tendon. May affect the whole back. Symptoms are similar to lumbar sprain, just different groups are being affected.


Sciatica -

inflammation of sciatic nerve, nerve that goes down through the hips. Tight muscles, being stretch improperly, muscles or bones pinching in…or something. Inflammaiton of nerve. Can go down entire leg. USE STRAIGHT LEG RAISE.


Herniated Disk -

Between bodies we have intervertebral discs. Protrusion (slip or pinch disk) that comes out of where it belongs and it can put pressure on nerve root. It will affect every nerve along that root, like arm or leg pain. Pain will radiate.


Spondylolysis -

Lumbar Fracture, vertebral fracture, hard to diagnose, common gymnastic injury, back pain and spasm. Not as much neurological symptoms. slight area of displacement of the vertebrae, either 1 or 2. 3 and 4 would be dislocation.

When you have a fracture between defect of neural arch and spinous process and lamina. 1 fracture


Spondylolysthesis -

Lumbar Fracture, you can get bilateral or the fracture is so severe and you get forward slippage.


CostoChondral Sprain -

burning in chest, typically when they expand chest. Maybe a pop. Happens with bench pressing or flys or something.


Abdominal Strain -

nasty, long time to heal, hard to do anything where you don't flex abs. Usually rectus abdominus. May feel stomach is upset. If it gets ruptured, it bulges out.