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Quad Contussion

charlie horse, direct blow to the quads. Goes away within 2 days. PAIN IN QUAD, TIGHT.


Myositis Ossificans

When pain from a quad contusion doesn't go away. Due to trauma at the quad, you develop bone deposits within the area. Stiffness, x-rays may prove negative. May leave it alone, less likely to go into it.


Hamstring Strain/tear

feel a snapping, sudden pain, severe ecchymosis, lot of resistance with stretching.


Quad Strain/tear

pain in quad, HURT WHEN STEP DOWN, may be balling up of muscle.


Snapping Hip

clicking or snapping at hip joint, where illiotibial band slides over greater trochanter. Causes the click. No pain? No problem, stretch to stop clicking.


Hip Pointer

Impact to the hip. Pain along ilia crest. Pad and ice the area.


Trochanteric Bursitis

Next step from snapping hip, inflammation of IT band or the bursa in the superficial or deep trochanteric bursa. Pain particularly when running. IT BAND IS TIGHT, SNAPPING/CLICKING WHEN RUNNING


Adductor Strain

dont relax properly. month/years to fix. Pain around the groin area. Once those muscle tear, when you flex or extend it'll hurt. They can't run! OH NO!


Hip Fractures

Ilium wing, or illia fracture. Pain in area, if you push on it it kills. Maybe can't walk. Muscles that attach also may not move


Avulsion Hip fractures -

piece of muscle or bone gets torn away from main body. You must know which muscles attach to that area.

Iliac crest - internal obliques, due to rapid contraction of muscle, the bone tears away. May feel gaping in area, person will guard it.

ASIS - sartorius is effected, pain on ASIS, caused by sudden and rapid contractions

Greater Trochanter - Gluteus medius and minimus. Due to rapid and sudden adduction or abduction and the leg doesn't move. PEOPLE WILL HURT, if you tell them to adduct their hip, they will be resistant.

Lesser Trochanter - Iliopsoas, rapid flexion of hip or extension when muscles don't give. Pain in deep groin area

Ischial tuberosity - Hamstings attach, same mech as hamstring tear and similar symptoms, no knee flexion.


Hip Dislocation -

can result in the death of the hip or persons career. High impact trauma.

posterior dislocation = hip flexed, internally rotated, adducted
anterior dislocation = external rotation, abduction.
Adductor/flexion - only dislocation. Abductor/extension - fracture/dislocation.