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apleys scratch test

bring your two arms together up and below your back. kinda like your scratching your scap.


apprehension test

stabilize shoulder at 90 degrees while lying down, externally rotate. it would be a dislocation


relocation test

same as apprehension, externally rotate and then push down the humerus, then when you bring it back up it'll hurt again.


Anterior posterior translation

anterior or posterior instability, grab clavicle and pull at head of humerus and push anterior and posteriorly.


sulcus sign

inferior instability of shoulder, grab acromium area and pull down at elbow. You will see a bit of depression as a positive sign.


inferior drawer

relax their arm on your shoulder, put arm at head of humerus, push inferiorly, pain or laxity is a positive sign.


posterior glenohumeral instability

90 degrees laying down again, force shoulder down through humerus, arm is flexed and elbow is bent.


full flexion test

have them bring arms straight up, test for inflammation or shoulder impingement


flexion internal rotation

flex then internally rotate, stabilize and internally rotate shoulder by pushing forearm down, testing for impingement


empty can

arms are spread out and hands pointing down like your holding an empty can and push arms down. Weakness will be sign of impingement


Cross Chest

bring arm straight across kinda in a bear hug type way, more testing Acromioclavicular joint.


strernoclavicular instability

find sternum where it meets clavicle is and grab clavicle, actually move it a bit and popping or pain would be a positive sign.