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MCL Sprain

valgus force on opposite side of MCL. Medial stability is lost, you can also stretch the ACL a bit.
unhappy triad = MCL, ACL, medial meniscus


LCL Sprain

varus force from inside out, opening up LCL. Joint instability


ACL Sprain

excessive rotation of knee, or tibia being pushed forward. Foot planting, and twisting. Losing anterior stability of the knee.


PCL Sprain

when tibia is pushed in the rear. Quads prevent this from happening. Doesn't happen that much.


Meniscus Tear

Injured with a grinding force. Hurts when walking up stairs.


Chodromalacia Patella

under patella, anterior knee pain. Walking up stair, bending or squatting will pull patella. People tend to outgrow it. caused by malt racking of the patella


Patellar Dislocation

sliding out from the group. Rapid contraction could pull it, or a direct blow. Out of groove, the patellar is all the way out to the side.


Patellar Fracture

more likely caused by landing on it, if bone is weak it can be caused by contraction of quads.


Extensor Rupture

seen in power lifter, larger people. Quads contract very rapidly and puts stress on tendon. Big lump in middle of thigh, lot of distress. ITs a big deal. Patella rides up on te femur.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

goes right down the leg, and crosses the knee. Can rub up against lateral epicondyle and that will irritate it.


Osteochondritis Desicans

bone chips, can be due to impact, also maybe not. You get bone chips developing in inner portion above the condyle of tibia.


Osteochondral Fracture

shearing force of knee, bigger bone chip develops within the knee. Locking, loss of normal function.