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Where did the typhoon occur?

What was the date of the disaster?


Typhoon Haitian occurred in the Philippines on the Visayas group of islands home to 17 million people. It occurred on the 8th November 2013 and it was a category 5 storm


What were the causes of the typhoon?

  • 27 degree Celsius sea temperature
  • Sea was 60-80m deep
  • There was a coriolis force
    It started in the South China Sea and extreme wind and rain was generated

What were the environmental impacts of this typhoon?

  • Widespread floods destroyed homes and businesses in coastal areas (40mm of rain)
  • Philippine government estimated 71 hectares of land was affected (crops destroyed by strong winds and storm surge)
  • Thousands of trees uprooted which led to a massive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere therefore there was a loss of habitat with resulting effects on wildlife
  • 90% of Tacloban City was destroyed

What were the economic impacts of this typhoon?

  • Typhoon caused inevitable damage to the economy ( estimated at £3.83 billion of damages and losses)
  • 6 million workers lost their sources of income
  • Major rice, corn and sugar producing areas for the Philippines were destroyed affecting the countries international trade and farmers incomes
  • Flights were disrupted for weeks so airlines lost money

What were the social impacts of this typhoon?

  • Affected more than 14 million people and killed 6,300 people leaving 1,800 people missing
  • 1.1 million houses were either partially or totally damaged
  • 33 million coconut trees, major source of livelihoods, were destroyed
  • 30,000 fishing boats destroyed and a lot of people depend on them for livelihood
  • Power supplies were down for a month
  • Lack of food/drink and aid led to outbreaks of disease

What were the political impacts of this typhoon?

  • There were calls for the government to take effective action in the face of the disaster
  • Early indications were not good as it was reported president Aquino walked out of a meeting in the face of the sheer scale of the disaster and angry heckling from survivors
  • After the typhoon, looting and violence broke out in Tachloban

What were the short term responses of this typhoon?

  • PAGASA issued warnings to people 2 days before typhoon hit leading to the evacuation of 750,000 residents
  • Philippines declared state of calamity and asked for international help one day after the typhoon hit
  • UK government provided food, drink shelter and medicine for up to 800,000 victims
  • 1,200 evacuation centres set up to house the homeless
  • Philippines Red Cross delivered food

What were the long term responses of this typhoon?

  • More than 1.6 million people benefited from World Visions work over the 3 years of the typhoon Haiyan response
  • ‘Cash for work’ programmes so people were paid to clear debris and help rebuild city
  • Oxfam supported the replacement of fishing boats
  • Coconut trees planted but will take 7 years for them to hear fruit
  • Thousands of homes rebuilt in areas away from flood risk
  • More typhoon shelters built