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Outline three reasons why Catholics receive the sacraments

To receive grace - grace is gods love
Experience the Holy Spirit - eg through baptism
Help us on our faith journey - journey to salvation, anointing of the sick prepares one for death


Quote on sacraments

Outward sign of inward grace


Outline three features of liturgical worship

Introductory rites - how mass/ workshop begins
Eucharist - receive body and blood from the transsubstantiation
Concluding rites - set out to proclaim gospel


Quote on feature of liturgical worship

Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian worship


Outline three types of funeral service

Vigil - prayers around coffin
Requiem - funeral liturgy
Committal - the coffin is placed in ground and said goodbye to


Quote on funeral service

Our hope is that we are redeemed by Christ . Preparing for my funeral


What are the aims of a funeral ?name three

Communion with the deceased
Proclamation of eternal life
Communion with community
Celebrate the life of that person


Outline the reasons why Catholics pray

Personal intentions , petitionary prayer, asking for stuff
Informally , build relationship with god
Penance, ask to be redeemed, apologise


A quote on prayer

Prayer is raising hearts and minds to god


Outline WHY Catholics use popular piety

A personal form of prayer, rosary to focus on Mary
Used at certain times of the year, death of Jesus at Easter
Shows devotion to god
Join together as a community


Quote on popular piety

Popular piety extends the life of the Church


Outline three places of pilgrimage

Lourdes, where Mary appeared to Bernadette
Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christianity
Rome, early Church


Quote on pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is a special renewal of prayer


Outline three themes of catholic social teachings

Preservation of human rights, freedom of speech
Stewardship and care of the world, care for gods gift
Workers rights, fair pay for work


A quote that can be related to catholic social teaching

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you


Outline three ways how Catholics can individually evangelise

Social media, influence others
National events, gather people to celebrate Christ
Vocation, nurse doctors etc jobs that express gospel values and help others