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Outline three beliefs Catholics have about the Bible

The inspired word of God,
Written by humans and inspired by God/Holy Spirit,
Should be interpreted spiritually not literally


Quote on the bible

The gospels are the heart of all the scriptures CCC


Outline three ways the Bible can be interpreted

Literally- word for word
Liberally- contains spiritual not literal truths
Inspired-inspired word of god


A quote on interpretations of the Bible

All scripture is inspired by god .


Outline three roles of the magisterium

To interpret the word of god.
Comment on beliefs on modern issues like abortion
Supreme authority of all Catholics, provide authentic and holy interpretations of scripture


Quote on the magisterium

Interpreting the word of god has been entrusted solely to the magisterium CCC


Outline three documents from the Second Vatican Council

Lumen Gentium- speaking to non believers and other Christians.
Sacrosanctum Concilium - reform of the liturgy, Laity more involved
Gaudium et Spes- views of science and humanity and society


Quote on the documents of the second Vatican council

Sacrosanctum Concilium- active participation in the liturgy by the Christian people is their right and duty


Outline three reasons why the church is called the Body of Christ

Different roles, like a body each person has a different part to play so the body functions.
Jesus for he is the head that leads the body.
Stronger together, in a community Catholics are stronger in their faith


Quote on the Church as the body of Christ

Christ has no body but yours- St.Teresa


Outline the meaning of three marks of the church

One - shows unity, like that of the trinity
Holy - Special, relates to Jesus and gods presence
Catholic - universal, members all around the globe
Apostolic- continues Apostolic tradition and teachings


Quote of the four marks of the Church

I believe in one holy catholic Apostolic Church


Outline three roles of Mary

A disciple, she is sometimes called the first disciple as she was the first follower of Jesus
A model of faith and charity, she accepted the risk of bearing Jesus
Linked to Jesus, her role is inseparable from Christ as she is his mother and also an immaculate conception


A quote on Mary

Hail Mary full of grace


Outline three forms of personal and ethical decision making

Conscience - self evaluation
Bible - gods word
Magisterium - modern issues


A quote in the Bible for personal and ethical decision making

Do unto others as they would do unto you