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What is the definition of a pathogen?

Microorganisms that enter the body and cause disease. triggering an immune response


What are three sub sections within pathogens?

Bacteria, virus and fungi


What are the three interfaces of the body which a pathogen has to get through one of?

The gas exchange system, the skin or the digestive system


Describe how the gas exchange system defends against pathogens?

There is a mucus lining the respiratory system which traps the pathogens, cilia will then beat and move the mucus up to the mouth where it can be removed


Describe how the skin defends against pathogens?

To prevent pathogens from entering through broken skin, blood clots will form and try to seal the wound


Describe how the digestive system defends against pathogens?

If you have eaten or drunken any pathogens they will be killed by the acidic conditions in the stomach


What are the two ways that pathogens can cause disease?

Produce toxins or by damaging host cells


What is a risk factor?

Anything that increases the chance of someone getting a particular disease


Name six risk factors associated with cancer?

1.) smoking
2.) excessive exposure to sunlight
3.) excessive alcohol intake
4.) occupation (increased radiation exposure)
5.) some viral infections
6.) genetics


Name six factors associated with coronary heart disease?

1.) poor diet (high salt and fat intake)
2.) smoking
3.) high blood pressure
4.) lack of exercise
5.) age
6.) genetics


What is the incidence of a disease?

How often the disease occurs within a population


What is correlation?

Where two events or conditions are or appear to be linked


What is a casual relationship?

When there is a definitive factors that means one has control over the other


Correlation doesn't mean? any why?

A casual relationship because there could be other influencing factors which have caused this link


How can you reduce your risk of getting a certain disease?

Change your lifestyle so that you reduce your number of risk factors